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We all know about London King daughter Elle King who is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. However, the popularity of London King does not only stem from the popularity of London King daughter alone because London herself had a successful career back then.


London King is a popular former model and actress. Her acting skills are something very praiseworthy. She appeared playing many roles in her time of life but her greater fame could be attributed to the role Cheryl in the movie “A Better Way to Die”. She is not in the acting business and is the proprietor of Push love Doula located in the city of New York.


London King was born on She was born on 31st October 1963 In United States of America. She grew with the American culture. She was born to parents David King and Paul King. She also has a brother named William Scott King and both of them were raised together.

Early life and education

London King who is from the white ethnicity is a former model and an actress. She graduated from the reputed high school and began her career as a model after her graduation.  It is said that she was a smart and a confident student.

Career and net worth

London King career is apparently not associated with modeling or acting. King is currently a Doula and childbirth educator. She must be persuasive and supportive. As a doula, her major purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.  As a Doula and a childbirth educator, King’s other job responsibilities include providing childbirth education to expectant parents. Coordinating and teaching classes on pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, infant care and the like. Now, isn’t that beautiful?

However, she was a model and an actress once. She has widely recognized for the role Cheryl in the movie A Better Way to Die which is a thriller action movie that came out in 2000. Even though the movie did not have so much high rating, King’s role was very much appreciated.

King was so beautiful at her prime age and of, course she still is. She started her modeling after her graduation and appeared in several TV commercial ads and magazine covers. Furthermore, King was successful to become a popular face also on a big screen where she played important roles in several movies including A Better Way to Die (2000), The Calling (2002) and Raw Fish (2001).


Given the fact that London is the owner of Push love Doula located in the city of New York which she started in 2003 and her success in acting career, she obviously has earned a hell lot of money. However, her company is the only source of income that she can count upon. London Kind net worth does not stay same for perpetuity. London King net worth is estimated to be 400 thousand dollars.

With all this information about King's career and contribution, it is evident that London King daughter Elle King is not the only factor that makes her recognizable. To be clear, London King daughter Elle King is just the part of her fame.

Personal life and spouse

As already mentioned, London King daughter Elle King is one hell of a popular personality and when people come across her, they usually find about London King. This makes people curious about London King personal life which is yet another fun part to cover in her biography. London King personal life is filled with some major ups and downs but without any major complications. This might be because she knows how to handle complex of the complex situations.

London King first got married to Rob Schneider in 1988. Rob was an actor and comedian by profession. Everything was roses and hearts in the beginning but that did not last for an eternity. The couple divorced in 1990, after two years of marriage. They might have unresolved issues, however, London King daughter Elle King proved to be the best outcome of the broken marriage. According to London King daughter Elle, London, and Rob had a Vegas Marriage. Well, not like Stu’s in the movie Hangover but still close. They moved pretty fast in a relationship. They reportedly got married 3 days after meeting each other. However, it might just be a faceless rumor.

After the divorce, she moved to Southern Ohio along with her daughter. In 2000, King found a love of her life. She married to Justin Tesa. London King Daughter Elle is a lucky one to get a step father like Justin because of he a vital role in developing her career. He taught her guitar and recording. She made her first record by the name of “The Donnas” at the age of nine. He is very supportive and is running his side business of screen printing with the name of Custom Prints.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

London King is active in social media. London King Instagram is active and anyone can follow London King Instagram


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