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Good people have enemies all around; this was once again proved by Liz Carr news of being stabbed in the head by an attacker armed with a pair of scissors in each hand in August 2017.


Liz Carr is a British actress and a comedian. She is also a popular broadcaster and international disability rights activist. She is the woman in a wheelchair doing motivating and good works to the society. People rarely might have thought that such an influential woman could have an enemy to anyone; this is the reason why Liz Carr news of being attacked was more of a shock to many people out there.


Liz Carr was born on April 1972 in Port Sunlight and grew up in Bebington.

Early life and education

Liz Carr spent most of her childhood in Bebington. She went to Upton Hall School FCJ in Upton, Merseyside, and Birkenhead High School in Birkenhead.  Liz Carr studied law at the University of Nottingham.

The wheelchair has been Liz’s friend since the age of seven due to a rare condition. Despite the fact that this condition makes her disabled, she has never failed to display her differently able caliber via various activities ranging from being a comedian to being an activist. She is a popular personality and moreover, Liz Carr news of being attacked has even more increased her familiarity across the globe.

Career and net worth

Liz Carr career has many dimensions. She has never taken her disability as a hindrance. Instead, looking deep into Liz Carr career, it is quite evident that she used her differently able personality to facilitate change in the society. Being a comedian, she has been able to make many fans and inspire many people. Also, she has been part of a number of comedy groups, including Abnormally Funny People with Tanyalee Davis, Steve Day, Steve Best etc. the list goes on.

Liz Carr has got the multitude of skills. She has co-hosted the BBC's Royal Television Society award-winning Ouch! Podcast from 2006 to 2013. Similarly, she has also been a researcher for the BBC comedy panel show Have I Got News for You.

Additionally, Liz Carr has got amazing acting skills.  She became the part of BBC crime thriller series Silent Witness in 2013. Her character Clarissa Mullery has been loved by almost every fan of the series.Given the fact that the series has lots of fans and Liz Carr herself has lots of well-wishers, Liz Carr news of being stabbed has put an intense effect on the audience. 

Continuing to her contributions, Carr has been a disability rights campaigner in the UK for the past two decades. She joined with ADAPT, a prominent disability rights group in the United States in May 2008.

Liz Carr has worked in her life and the rising interest in Liz Carr net worth from her fans is absolutely valid. Liz Carr net worth has been estimated to be 1.3 million dollars.

Personal life and spouse

Liz Carr news of August 2017 regarding the horrifying attack has made her the talk of the town. Liz Carr news made headlines. Along with it Liz Carr personal life also became the hot topic. Carr and her personal assistant were the victims of an attack by a man armed with scissors on 10th of August 2017. This very Liz Carr news gave rise to the big question regarding the security of general especially the disabled people along with the kind of world we are living in.

Liz Carr was attacked while she was with her carer near London's Euston station.  After the attack, she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The wound was so deep that she and is still recovering from a slash wound. She was saved by hero carer who fought off an attacker, a very big thanks from our side.  According to Liz Carr, she felt that she had been hit on the head with a hammer; we can only imagine the pain.  She explained the incident to be 'very frightening'. She was lucky enough that she was relatively unharmed.  All thanks to hero carer who fought off the attacker by shouting a warning.  The attacker was subsequently arrested and detained under the Mental Health Act.

Liz Carr personal life is not very open yet it has been revealed that she is married to Jo Church. They got married in 2010.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Liz Carr is an influential personality. She has earned recognition beyond some formal awards and achievements. Moreover, she has ruled millions of hearts.  Liz Carr was runner-up in the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition in 2007.  Liz Carr is fairly active in social media like Twitter.


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