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Kris Thykier married life is something that everybody wants to have. Film producer Kris Thykier married life with his beloved wife Claudia Winkleman is going smoothly like butter.


Kris Thykier is a popular film producer.  With a perfectly amazing married life with super popular wife along with the settled career, Kris is having a time of his life.


Kris Thykier was born on born on Thursday, January 13th, 1972, in London, England, UK,

Early life and education

Kris Thykier is a person of thinking and planning. He does what he loves. He might have the fair level of education but nothing related has been disclosed yet.

Career and net worth

Kris has a career what many people out there only dare to dream. He is a film producer. He has been associated with many great movies like Sommeren’92, Kick-Ass, Trash, Miss Sloane, I give it a year, Harry Brown, One chance, Woman in gold etc.

Talking about Kris Thykier net worth, it is plausible that it is high. However, Kris Thykier net worth has not been disclosed. The good news is we know about his wife’s net worth i. e $12 million.

Personal life and spouse

When it comes to Kris Thykier personal life, it basically is about Kris Thykier married life with his beloved wife. Kris Thykier married life is about to reach two decades and it still is full of bliss, a marital bliss, and romance. Kris Thykier married life started in 2000. Kris Thykier got married to Claudia Winkleman who is a famous personality by the way. Claudia Winkleman is an English television presenter, model, film critic, radio personality, and journalist. The couple is definitely a power couple. Given the fact that Kris Thykier and Claudia Winkleman both are in the media, it is safe for us to assume that the bond of their marriage has been elevated also due to their similar profession, at least in the media.  The couple got married in 2000 in Westminster, United Kingdom. They live in Westminster's Connaught Square. Kris Thykier married life with her is going very well, they love each other and they definitely are a couple made in heaven.

In 2016, Kris Thykier married life got a lot of attention when his wife, Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman put a remark on it. From her remark, Kris Thykier sex life might be in danger if she does not dress well. According to her, she refuses to have sex with Kris when he dresses badly. This implies that Kris Thykier sex life would be dull if he does not dress properly. Hence, the spices in Kris Thykier married life are dependent upon his outfit. The film producer looks “disgusting” when he picks his own clothes. His wife revealed that when he asks ‘Shall I wear trainers and a baseball cap?’ she says ‘Not if you want me to have sex with you’.”Well, it is pretty simple, Kris you only have to wear well and look good if you want to rock your world.  This shows his wife is sensitive about looks. However, ironically, she had previously admitted that she has no concept of how she looks herself. In 2014, she said that she doesn't have any mirrors in her house because she doesn't believe in what people look like.

The couple has a strong bond and on the top of all they are happy together, 17 years of marriage and still feels the same or even more. They have three children namely Matilda, Jake, and Arthur. Apart from all these information, there is something you need to know that even though Kris Thykier is a daddy material, he has banned her wife Claudia from having more kids. According to her, she would like another baby but he has banned me from having more It is probably a good thing as otherwise, she would have nine more.

Continuing with Kris Thykier personal life, he a family person. On 31 October 2014, Kris’s eight-year-old daughter Matilda was taken to hospital after being seriously injured when her Halloween costume caught fire.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Kris Thykier is an acclaimed film producer and he is recognized worldwide and also has many fans. He is fairly active in social media, who aren’t? He has got an account in twitter and anyone can follow him. Talking about awards, he has not won any but he has been into four nominations namely BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film for Trash (2015), European Film Academy People's Choice Award for Best European Film for Kick-Ass (2010), Robert Award for Best Danish Film for Sommeren’92 (2016) and Blockbuster Audience Award for the same Sommeren’92 (2016).


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