kelly o’Donnell Career, Age, Net Worth, Husband

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth May 17, 1965 (age 51 years)
Nationality American
Profession Journalist, TV personality
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Spouse J. David Ake
Qualification Degree in Journalism
Education at Northwestern University
Net Worth(s) $8 Million
Name on Birth Kelly O' Donnell
Height 5' 10''
Age N/A

Kelly O’Donnell career is one of the most inspiring ones for many people who want to flourish their career in journalism. Kelly O’Donnell is one of the important political journalists who worked in different news channels in the USA.


Kelly O’Donnell is one of the famous personalities in the field of American Journalism. Kelly O’Donnell has been an active journalist working for many channels since the early 90s. During Kelly O’Donnell career, she was admired for her excellent political reporting by all journalism fraternity.


Kelly O'Donnell was born on May 17, 1965, in Cleveland, Ohio, the United State of America. This makes Kelly O’Donnell age 52 years. Kelly O’Donnell was born to an Irish immigrant family. Her parents were Kristein O’Donnell and Josh O’Donnell. She was the second child of her parents with a sister before her.

Early Life and Education

Kelly O'Donnell spent her early life in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born to a middle-class family. Her grandparents were Irish and her parents were Irish immigrant too. Kelly’s father had some business firm and their family used to travel a lot for that when she was in her early age. She wanted to become an actress in her early age. She also joined some dancing classes too.

Kelly O’Donnell started her schooling at Mooch High School, Ohio but she completed her High school education at the Gregory Advanced School. She was a proactive student in her school. She took participated in several numbers of activities like sports, cheerleading, dancing and so on. She completed her graduation studies from School of Education and Social Policy which is a part of Northwestern University. She obtained a degree in Journalism after she got a scholarship from the university.

Career and Net Worth

Kelly O’Donnell career is one of the successful ones in American Journalism.  Kelly O’Donnell career flourished because of her love and passion towards her work. Kelly O’Donnell career began when she was appointed by WJW TV channel which is owned by Fox channel located in Ohio’s Cleveland. She got this job immediately after she completed her graduation. There in Cleveland, she was appointed to the job of an anchor and the reporter. Furthermore, Kelly O'Donnell career took pace since she took part in many other TV shows of CBS channel.

However, Kelly O'Donnell career is more famous for her outstanding work in NBC. She is appreciated and admired by viewers and her peers for her work in NBC. She was NBC's channel correspondent in the white for a long time. She was given the responsibility of covering the news stories of Congress and Bush administration during Bush's second term of presidency. In addition to this Kelly O'Donnell also covered many important political stories. She covered the presidential campaign of John McCain in 2008. During Kelly O'Donnell career, she was in Iraq for covering skies combat mission at the time of Iraq war. In addition, she was also placed in Baghdad and Qatar as an NBC news reporter when Iraq war was going on.  She also covered plane crash on twin towers during the terrorist attack on September 11.

During Kelly O’Donnell career, she was also parted of several TV shows and she hosted many of them. For example, she appeared regularly on “The Chris Matthews Show” but it was canceled after some time. She also hosted many other popular shows like “Deadline NBC” and “Weekend Today”

Kelly O'Donnell career got its success due to her love towards her work. Due to this Kelly O'Donnell net worth is quite big.  After more than 25 years career in journalism, Kelly O'Donnell net worth is around $8 million. Kelly O'Donnell salary is also quite good. The exact figure of Kelly O'Donnell salary is not available but is expected to be high.

Personal Life and Spouse

Although Kelly O’Donnell career is quite open and known to the public, her private life is obscure. She likes to keep her private life low profile. Kelly O’Donnell is a married woman. Kelly O’Donnell husband is John David Ake. Kelly O’Donnell husband, John David is a professional photographer and a TV journalist. The couple has been married for more than 10 years. There is not any news of their children, so it can be speculated that they do not have any children. They share mutual love and respect. So, they are living happy married life and there is not much chance of divorce between the couple.

Awards and Recognition

During more than two decades of Kelly O’Donnell career, she was rewarded with several awards and recognition. In2004, Kelly O’Donnell was added into the Ohio Radio/Television Hall of Fame and In Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in 2011. She was awarded many honors like Emmy Awards, Los Angeles Press Club Awards and more.

Even though Kelly O'Donnell age is 52 years, she looks younger than that. She has an amazingly lovable personality with a beautiful body. She has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.


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