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Kelly Berning bio has been searched a huge number of her fans. She is a renowned professional film editor and actor in a TV show.


Kelly Berning is a funny, loud, talented, strong female and an energetic established television editor.


According to Kelly Berning bio, Kelly Elizabeth Berning known as Kelly Berning is an American nationality. She belongs to white ethnicity. She was born on 14 October 1977, in Independence, Kentucky USA. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Kelly’s parents were American. Her father was an army who fought in Vietnam War.

Early Life and Education

Kelly Berning an American national was born in the Kentucky United States Of America. Berning is an amazing personality. She loves traveling to new places to gain knowledge and ideas. She wants to find something amazing that she has never seen before. She is fond of cooking and keeps herself busy in computer and reading news. In an interview, she defined her as loud, funny and high-energy woman who can stand long hours working in her field. She never gives up for anything to be success. Kelly is eager to visit Thailand, which is her favorite country. Her education is not mentioned anywhere.

Career and Net Worth

Kelly Berning bio shows that she marked her career in 2008 as an editor. The remarkable host introduced herself as an editor from Beyond Twisted. The show gives her a good recognition that ran from 2008 to 2009. Kelly Berning bio also shows that she has boosted her fame enormously from a television show TMZ on TV. She was an actor as well as editor in the show. Firstly, the show TMZ on TV has telecasted from the year 2007 to 2010. The show was reprised from year 2015 to 2016. According to Kelly Berning bio, currently, she is working in TMZ as an editor. TMZ is a website that gives entertaining news about celebrities and their gossips. Berning also took part in season 27 of a reality TV show The Amazing Race from 2015 to 2016. She was with her partner Shevonne Sullivan in the show The Amazing Race. The audience loved them together in the show TNM and The Amazing Race. Her partner Sullivan is a production supervisor and teammate of TMZ. Being an editor and co-host for many programs, Kelly Berning has an outstanding profile in Television World. She has gained excessive fame and good economic fortune. Kelly Berning bio reveals her estimated net worth of $300 thousand. She also earns an attractive salary from her works. Kelly Berning age is 39 years and she is such a successful woman. Furthermore, she can be one of the most renowned celebrities having a good dollar figure.

Personal Life

Berning keeps herself busy in doing something like cooking and other time by hooking up with computers and reading news. She likes to travel long. She is waiting to see an elephant on the beaches of Thailand. Kelly Berning bio officially does not show her relationship status with any person. However, she has informed her fans and followers via Instagram. Kelly Berning is found hanging with her boyfriend in the pictures she featured in Instagram. She has uploaded a picture of the ring with the caption, which reveals that Kelly Berning engaged with her boy friend Chris Reed. Media could not reveal her past stories but according to her fans and sources, she is divorced women, which is not certain. It was a rumor that she was in the affair with a Canadian Ice hockey player Sheldon Souray. It is likely to be good news for her fans; she will get married soon with her boyfriend Chris Reed.


Kelly Berning is a talented editor with a shining personality. According to Kelly Berning bio, she has collected considerable followers and viewers in very short time because of her success. Besides, she is not so active in media but also she has made her name and fame in Hollywood. Kelly Berning has recently started her social networking sites. She is found on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In an interview, Berning stated that she was followed by former President Barak Obama on her Twitter. She was pumped in sharing her proud moment with an accomplishment. Kelly Berning Instagram has many followers in short time. She shares her moments with her boyfriend and her work pictures in Instagram.

Physical features

Kelly Berning age is 39 years but also she is appealing in her looks. She is so energetic, youthful, and beautiful woman. She has not tall personality but has moderate height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She weighed 50 kg, which is a balanced weight for kelly’s outrageous figure. She is such an adorable and charming woman seen clearly on screen. Kelly Berning has blonde hair and blue eyes that perfectly matches her physical personality.

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