Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld needs no introduction as he is one of the most well-known actor, producer, writer and comedian of American nationality. His most well-known role as been the portrayal of a semi fictional version of him in the sitcom named Seinfeld. The show ran from 1989 to 1998. He has also been known for his exceptional stand-up comedy. Jerry Seinfeld bio states that he was born on the 29th of April, 1954 and has accumulated the interest and attention of a huge amount of fans all around the world.Jerry Seinfeld net worth clearly indicates the fame and name as well as the money he has accumulated due to his skills in the entertainment fraternity. He has managed to accumulate the net worth of a whopping 820 million dollars. Jerry Seinfeld net worth has become such huge amount because he has showcased his exceptional skills in whatever he has done and has become extremely famous due to it.

Jerry Seinfeld house details are too jaw dropping. He earns such a huge amount of money that he has managed to get properties all across the USA. His house is located in Colorado and he had purchased it for 18.3 million dollars. This lavish house has all the necessary equipment and other facilities that make him an enviable personality. Jerry Seinfeld house is also situated n Hamptons. He brought the huge mansion on 2000 at a huge amount of 32 million dollars. Apart from this, he also has other properties but these two surely has to be his best and high end properties in the USA.

Jerry Seinfeld car collection is another enviable factor about his life. He probably has the largest collection of Porsche in the celebrity fraternity. Jerry Seinfeld car collection in itself is worth a whopping 15 million dollars. He has 47 Porche cars in his collection. Also included is an Ultra-rare 959 and also a 1955 550 Spyder. His collection also includes the very first 911 ever produced.

jerry seinfeld wife Jessica Seinfeld

Jerry surely earns a lot and possesses a lot. But he has a pretty stable family to share everything with. Jerry Seinfeld wife is the beautiful Jessica Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld wife was returning from a honeymoon with her ex-husband when they fell in love and decided to get married. She is an author of two cookbooks. She is also involved in a charitable organization named Baby Buggy. Jerry Seinfeld married his wife on 1998. Jerry Seinfeld kids are three in number and they are daughter Sacshh, son Julain Kal and another son Shepherd Kellen. Jerry Seinfeld wife and Jerry Seinfeld kids surely are the reason behind his overall happiness in life and he has at times stated that his family is what has made his life stable.

Jerry Seinfeld surely is a well-known personality who has managed to win thebe harts of million across the world. It is also clear that he has a pretty good personal life and earns a lot. Jerry Seinfeld bio can be searched and found and more details about her can be found on sites like the wiki.

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