Jeremy Wade Age, Personal Life, Net Worth and Career

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Jeremy Wade is a television presenter of British nationality who has been known best for his work in the television series named River Monsters which airs on the Animal Planet. Jeremy Wade age as of now is 60 years but he seems to be one of those personalities who has managed to keep up an active lifestyle and appear as a youthful figure on the screen. His amiable personality and exciting portrayal of animal specimens make him hugely liked and respected by people all around the world.


Jeremy Wade was born as Jeremy John Wade on the 23rd of March, 1956. He was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England in the United Kingdom. His father was a vicar and he was brought up in Nayland.

Childhood and Education

Jeremy Wade age was very small when he started being hugely interested in the field of zoology and animals. He attended the Dean Close School for his primary education. Later he went on to attend the Bristol University. From the Bristol University, he has a degree in zoology. This academically qualified personality also has a certificate from the University of Kent in biological sciences.

He began fishing since he was a child as he grew along the banks of the river Stour. After some guidance from a close friend, he was taught how to catch fish at the mere age of 8 or 9 years. This led him to establish and career in the same and needless to state it has been hugely successful for him.


Jeremy Wade career started off as a secondary school biology teacher in Kent. After this, he started traveling around the world in search of interesting zoological creatures.

His love for unique creatures took him to India's mountain rivers in the year 1982. He only took 200 pounds along with him to go there and was able to catch the Himalaya Mahseer. He wrote articles about his exhilarating experiences in India. His writings were followed and read by many. On his second trip to India in the year 2005, the concept of River Monsters emerged as a good concept. Jeremy Wade began investigating the missing people in the river. Locals of the area believed that a big fish was responsible for the loss of those people. This led to an interesting concept that could be showcased on television.

This led Animal Planet to create a show specifically for Wade which was called River Monsters. The show has garnered a huge number of fans from all around the world and has been followed closely. For his work there, he has traveled around Amazon rain forests as well as Congo. He has also acted in Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys as a lamprey expert.

Jeremy Wade has also written books. He has written the book Somewhere Down the Crazy River on 1994. It is a classic angling book which was famous with people interested in such things. He has also written the book named River Monsters in the year 2011 which documented experiences about his trips for the show around the world.

Personal Life and Dating

Jeremy Wade dating information has been searched about widely by all of his fans. It, however, seems that Jeremy Wade dating history will come out empty as his love for nature and zoological creatures will always overshadow his love for a woman. It can be proven by the fact that he has never been married. He has also not had a relationship with anyone from the entertainment fraternity. Jeremy Wade age is already 60 years; however, it seems that he is not ready to commit to a relationship because of his busy life and schedule.

Facts and Net Worth

Wade’s journeys have not been limited to fishing. For a fact, it has been known that Wade has also been restricted at times for being a spy. He has also caught malaria on several occasions for his fishing and water monster endeavors. He has also survived a plane crash once. It has also been known for a fact that he has been threatened at gunpoint on occasions.

Jeremy Wade is a versatile personality and this can be proven by the fact that he is fluent the languages like French and Spanish. He is also fluent in Portuguese. Jeremy Wade net worth hence is a great amount of his love of zoological creatures have paved way for a successful career in the field of television. He also loves fishing in Brazil. Jeremy Wade net worth has been known to be a whopping 1.5 million dollars and the amount surely set to rise considerably in the years to come. Jeremy Wade has been known for his down to earth lifestyle and his passion and love for fishing and fishes.


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