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Shepard Smith is a renown anchor of Fox News Channel and former host of Fox Report with Shepard Smith. David Shepard Smith, Jr. shortened his name to Shepard Smith, and this name made him popular as a Fox channel anchor.

Birth and Childhood

Shepard Smith was born in January 14, 1964 in Holly Springs, Mississippi in the United States of America. His parents are David Shepard Smith, Sr. and Dora Ellen Anderson. He was born and raised as David Shepard Smith Jr. in a middle class family before he started to get famous as a new reporter and Fox channel anchor Shepard Smith. Smith spent most of his childhood with this brother. The Fox channel anchor is an American and belongs to white ethnicity.

Smith went to a private school in Holly Springs until their parents dissolved their marriage. He then moved to Florida with his mother and earned high school graduation from Marshall Academy. Smith then attended University of Mississippi and took Journalism as his major. However, he left the university with 2 credits due to which he did not graduate from the university.

Uprising Career in Journalism

Smith built up his career in journalism working in many different channels in various places. He started his career working at WJHG-TV in Florida. In 1985, he joined and served as a reporter in WCJB-TV in Gainesville. Furthermore, he has worked as a reporter for WBBH-TV in Fort Meyers, WSVN in Miami and WCPX-TV in Orlando. His career took a flight after joining Fox News Channel in 1996. Consequently, his name and image gained popularity by establishing himself as a Fox channel anchor and hosting the show The Fox Report with Shepard Smith. The show was rated as one of the top three newscasts in cable news of that time. Smith utilized every single chance he got, which all worked as a stepping stone for the advancement of his career. He got the opportunity to cover and report some important news like the death and funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Moreover, he covered the ballot counting controversy, the aftermath of Hurricane, Katrina, Florida and so on. He then got to sign a three year contract with Fox News for eight million dollars per year as a Fox channel anchor and host. The Fox channel renewed the contract in 2010 and Smith became the managing editor of Fox News breaking news division. Smith had become eminent by the time, and has also made appearances in movies in addition to hosting some TV shows.

Marriage, Partner and Rumors

Smith met Virginia Donald as his classmate in the University of Mississippi. The couple married in 1987 after several years of romantic affair. Smith and Donald has no children and their marriage lasted for six years. The couple separated in 1993 for unidentified reasons. However, as the time unfolded and Smith confrontation got into light, many assumed Smith being a gay is the reason for the separation of the couple.

Many people allegedly claims Fox channel anchor Smith to be a gay since he had taken his boyfriend to a Fox Channel picnic, as reported. Also it is reported, his colleagues disapproved bringing a boyfriend with him. According to Gawker, Smith is dating a former Fox Business producer Giovanni Graziano. Penn State graduate Graziano and Smith are usually seen in Manhattan. Smith has been single after he divorced with Virginia Donald. He has not talked about his wife or girlfriend either. This is the reason for people suspecting him as a gay.

The rumor about Fox channel anchor Shepard Smith took a new turn when a bunch of people came up with the idea that Shepard Smith wanted to come out as gay but Fox TV channel has repeatedly tried to push him beyond the curtains. The unverified story widened to an extent that the consequence of Smith trying to confront him being gay led his demotion from prime-time to an afternoon slot by the Fox TV channel. But, Huffington Post reports something else on the very scandal. Shepard Smith stated that Fox TV channel has never prevented him from coming out as gay. Neither former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes condemned him for being gay. Therefore, the constructed story about Fox TV channel could not make sensation in the media. Fox channel easily denied the made-up stories and accusations.

The Fox channel anchor Smith confronted that he is a gay openly. Smith says him being a gay has never been an issue. So, it is certain that he has always been indifferent about what rumors people come up with about him.

Net Worth

Towards the end of 2007, talented journalist Shepard Smith signed a three years long deal with Fox News. This deal escalated his salary to 8 million dollars per year. Fox News renewed the contract and he became managing editor of FNC. He started hosting Shepard Smith Reporting from October 2013 that eventually rose his net worth to 20 million dollars.

The 53 year old brilliant journalist and Fox channel anchor looks way underage. The fact about him coming out as gay has not decreased his credibility as a capable news reporter.

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