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Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth 1965
Nationality Northern Ireland
Age 57 Years

Her most fresh notable assignment there was during the hospital care of Ariel Sharon. In 2006 Sweeney echo from Israel during the summer conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, stop daily report programs dwell from Haifa. Sweeney, who was antecedently supported in London, has reported on greater news events from around Europe and the Middle East. A cultural barbiturate reporter, Sweeney spent five years at RTÉ. 

She became celebrated as the multitude of the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest, which was skilled by 350 million followers. 

She exhausted many university holidays in Glendowan, County Donegal and she still visits Donegal regularly. 

This year she's reported from Cairo, Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi as part of the meshwork's coverage of the unrest in Egypt and the Middle East. She also traveled to Israel when the then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon went into a coma, stipulate updates on his state of health and the public consequences of his disease. She frequently detail from the Middle East as well. 

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