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Quick Facts

Date of Birth August 28, 1985
Nationality American
Age 37 Years

Emily Turner associate the KOLD News team from WJXT in Jacksonville, FL. She name from the south and has shotten most of her news career there. She composition at stations in Mobile, AL and Orlando, FL before lastly orb back home to Jacksonville. During those donkey’s, she covered major news makers like Casey Anthony and Trayvon Martin. She's also covered six hurricanes, multiple sharper attacks and one Gulf oil spill. Now that she's in the excellence, Emily has likely versed the last of those … trading them in for levigate calamity and monsoons instead. Emily is an eager CrossFitter. She is a certified coach and, once upon a measure, she used to content. Outside the gym, if an activity involves the outdoors she's on board. You'll good-looking see her hiking Mt. Lemmon, jogging the loop or hitting up the topical farmer's markets. Her pug, Herbie, foresee great ethic support, but advanced to loungeroom around the house and keep cool. When the weather duty against her, Emily loves to curl up with a good book. Last year she read 117. (Yes, she withhold a log. No, she's not broken.) She honest likes a commendable stage … and like a good laugh. If you've got either, share it. Email her at [email protected] and "copy" her on Facebook. 

Emily Turner is a Los Angeles supported closet stylist, personal stylist, and celebrity stylist. Emily sacrifice services in fashion styling and appearance consulting. Styling packages and memberships for men and women are available. Emily has a very extensive styling stroll that intercept high fashion couture to lifestyle and commercial work. She has embroidery as a wardrobe stylist on an expanded row of projects- Film, T.V., Music Videos, Commercials, Editorial, Runway Shows and Celebrities. 

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