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Doina Ciobanu blog, The Golden Diamonds has been around for more than half a decade now and the popularity of Doina Ciobanu blog, a fashion and style-centric blog is only increasing. Apart from Doina Ciobanu blog, we know her for being an outstanding and influential model.


Doina Ciobanu is a London-based fashion blogger and an influential model. Doina Ciobanu is not an ordinary fashion model but is the one who is described as having one of the strongest personal brands in the United Kingdom’s fashion industry. Doina Ciobanu career is an aspiring one as she has touched the limitless heights in the fashion industry with the collaboration and working as a model with a list of luxury fashion brands that include Agent Provocateur, Burberry, and Versace. You can only imagine what does these associations means for those who are a fashion enthusiast.


Doina Ciobanu is born on April 20, 1994, in Chi?in?u which is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. The model is young beautiful and aspiring.

Early life and education

Doina Ciobanu spent her childhood in her hometown, Chi?in?u in the Republic of Moldova. She lived there until she was nineteen years old. Then she moved to Bucharest and subsequently to London. The model has a very strong taste in political science. She corresponded to complete a long-distance bachelor's degree in Political Science and History from the Free International University of Moldova.

Doina Ciobanu holds a huge interest in politics in Moldova and has stated that she would return there to be active in it. ‘A beautiful politician with a sharp mind’, that is all we can imagine for now. Doina Ciobanu can speak English, Romanian and Russian. She has also learned French and Spanish.

Her early life was similar to that of normal teenage girls but the difference is that she was aspiring, thriving for career goals and expressive. As already mentioned, Doina Ciobanu blog is a significant part of her recognition. Ciobanu launched her fashion blog The Golden Diamonds in 2010 while living in Moldova which is, by the way, a great hit.  According to her, it was just a hobby at first and was a way of expressing herself. She was a teenager and wanted to affirm me and tried to stand out in society. She was very influenced by the blogs from abroad like Cherry Blossom Girl or Fashion Toast. She wanted to try something different that does not exist in Moldova (The Republic of Moldova. She worked hard, was lucky too and now we all know the height of Doina Ciobanu blog

Career and net worth

To make things clear, Doina Ciobanu blog is not the only Doina Ciobanu career though it is a significant part. The fact that Ciobanu turned down a university placement at the Sorbonne in Paris to pursue a full-time career in fashion clears everything, fashion is definitely her passion.

She started her modeling in her home country and later her management team transitioned her work to include modeling on a larger scale as of 2015. Doina Ciobanu has covered campaigns for luxury brands including Agent Provocateur, Bobbi Brown, Burberry, De Grisogono, Dior, Fendi, L’Oréal, La Perla, Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith, and Versace. With these affiliations, she might earn a lot but her net worth has not been disclosed yet.

Personal life and spouse

After all those professional details, it is plausible to wonder who might be Doina Ciobanu boyfriend. According to, Daniel is reportedly Doina Ciobanu boyfriend. Daniel runs Fashionising, an online fashion magazine launched in Australia. The couple seems to be happy as of now but nothing could be said for sure.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

The fashion sensation has earned massive name and fame in her young age. Her recognitions and affiliations would make a long list. She has been recognized by Elle, Forbes, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Tatler, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Vogue. Harper’s Bazaar has twice recognized as one of the most influential fashion icons.

Doina Ciobanu blog has created a great value and her entrepreneurship and brand-value as a whole have been recognized. Forbes has featured Doina both amongst their Top 30 under 30 and Top 19 Young Entrepreneurs. Not only this, she has multiple reputable engagements which include Startup Grind and at Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference. Apart from all of these, the cherry on the top would be the fact that Doina Ciobanu is represented by NEXT Models worldwide. Additionally, she has been ranked amongst the AskMen’s Top 99 women of 2016. Also, GQ Mexico has labeled her amongst "the most beautiful" bloggers.

Talking about the social media, she is active and has a profile on Facebook and Instagram. Doina Ciobanu Instagram is active and Doina Ciobanu Instagram is definitely one of those Instagrams to be followed if you want to be updated with new fashion, trend and the like.



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