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Actor Dermot Mulroney is a famous movie person of America. He is professionally recognized as an American actor. He mostly perform the roles of romantic comedy films.


Actor Dermot Mulroney was born on 31 October 1963 in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S. His father name is Michael Mulroney who is originally from Elkader.  And her mother Ellen is from Manchester. He holds an American nationality. Scorpio is his birth sign.

He is tall with 1.77 meter in height. He has maintained his body weight and shape.

Catherine Keener was his spouse from 1990 to 2007. After that, Tharita Cesaroni became his partner. He has three children named Clyde Mulroney, Mabel Ray Mulroney and Sally Mulroney.

Currently, he is 54 years old. He is a professional actor of America.

Early life and education

Dermot Mulroney grew- up in Alexandria, Virginia. His father Michael Mulroney was from Elkader. Michael was a professor of law in Villanova University. However, his mother Ellen was a homemaker and an amateur actress. Ellen was originally from Elkader.

Actor Dermot Mulroney has a sister named Moria who works in a non-profit industry. Also, he has three brothers named Conor, Kieran and Sean. Kieran is an actor.

During his childhood period, he was deeply interested in acting sector. He enjoy lots of time in acting. This made him to join a children’s community theatre. Then, he started stage performance in ‘Are Teachers Human.’

At the age of seven, he had begun to play cello. After that, he started performing with youth orchestra.

In 1981, he has completed his graduation from T.C. Williams High School. He joined his bachelor degree in Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinosis. In 1985, he has received his bachelor degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA).

Career and net worth

He started his career from a Television movie series. In 1986, he come in screen with a CBS Television movie ‘Sin of Innocence’. He also made his career in two other television productions, ‘The Drug Knot’ in 1986 and ‘Daddy’ in 1987.

In 1988, he is famous by his performance in ‘Young Guns’. He performed the role of Dirty Steve. In 1989, he was engaged in ‘Staying Together’, ‘Survival Quest’ in 1989 and ‘Longtime Companion’ in 1989. Also, he was cast in ‘Bright Angel’ in 1990, ‘Career Opportunities’ in 1991 and ‘Where the Day Takes You’ in 1992.

After that, he started playing cello in the movie ‘Samantha’. This was released in 1992. Dermot Mulroney was cast in ‘Point of No Return’ in 1993 and ‘Silent Tongue’ in 1994.

His movie ‘Trixie’ was released in 2000, ‘The Safety of Objects’ in 2001, ‘Investigating Sex’ in 2001 and ‘Lovely and Amazing’ in the same year 2001.

In 2005, Actor Dermot Mulroney turned his film journey into the romantic comedies with ‘The Wedding Date’, ‘Must Love Dogs’ and ‘The Family Stone’.

In 2013, he appeared in ‘Jobs’ and ‘August: Osage Country’. He starred in ‘Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Truth’ in the year 2015. Recently, he appeared in ‘Dirty Grandpa’ and ‘Lavender’ in the year 2016.

His net worth is $ 9 million as of February 2017. 

Friendship talk in You Tube

He is talking about the friendship with Julia Roberts on The Queen Latifah Show. He said that he remembered the moment when he spent with Julia Roberts. He is talking about the beauty of Julie. He is also describing the amazing moment with her. To know more about their friendship, click here.

Personal life

While talking about relationship status, he is a married actor. He got marriage with her first wife Catherine Keener in 1990. At first, he saw his first wife during the shooting time of “Survival Quest”. After that, they were in a married relationship. Catherine Keener became pregnant in 1998. The couple had a lovely son on 21 June 2007. But their relationship does not exist for long duration. They were separated with each other in May 2005. Finally, they got divorced on 31 October 2007.

A year later, Actor Dermot Mulroney again got marriage with Tharita Catulle in 2008. Tharita Catulle gave birth to two beautiful daughters. Ray Mulroney is the elder sister and Sally Mulroney is the younger.

Global recognition

He is globally recognized as an award winning actor. In 1988, he is well known for his role in ‘Young Guns’. His movie “Dirty Steve” was hit and opened at number one position at the box office.

Actor Dermot Mulroney became the winner of the Jury Special Prize in Artistic Achievement Award for ‘Bright Angel’ in 1990. In 1996, he was also nominated for the Best Kiss with Winona Ryder in MTV Movie Awards. This award was for ‘How to Make an American Quilt’.

His movie named ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ has globally earned more than $299 million in 1997. In 2002, he earned lot of praise and worth as an actor due to his performance in Alexander Payne’s ‘About Schmidt’.

In 1992, he was awarded with the Golden Space Needle Award with the title ‘Best Actor’ in Seattle International Film Festival for ‘Where the Day Takes You’. In the year 2007, he became the winner of the Artistic Achievement Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Dermot Mulroney long with other cast members of ‘August: Osage Country’ were awarded with the Hollywood Film Award for Ensemble of the Year in 2013.

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