Craig Sager Cancer, Suits, Net Worth, Death and career

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth June 29, 1951-Dec15, 2016(died)
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Spouse Stacy Sager
Married on (m. 2001–2016)
Children(s) Riley Sager, Ryan Sager, Krista Sager, Craig Sager Jr., Kacy Sager
Qualification Bachelor degree in speech
Education at Northwestern University
Net Worth(s) $9.5 million
Name on Birth Craig Graham Sager Sr
Age N/A


Craig Sager cancer finally led to his death on 2016. He will always be remembered as an icon in the field of journalism. He was an American sports reporter who had covered an array of sports activities to his death. His work for the CNN as well as the TBS and TNT television has been widely appreciated by all of his fans. He has been known best for being the sideline reporter for the National Basketball Association. Craig Sager net worth had considerably increased over the years and his death came as a sad news to all of his fans who loved his coverage of sports events for several news stations.


Craig Sager was born on the 29th of June, 1951. His birthplace was in Batavia, Illinois.

Education and Early life

Craig Sager rose to fame even as a teenager. He was raised to fame when he wrote the essay named How and Why I Should Show Respect to the American Flag, which went on to be published in Congressional Record and was accolade by several newspapers of the country. He was enrolled in the Batavia High School then.

For his future education, Craig Sager studied in the Northwestern University from which he graduated in the year 1973. He earned a Bachelor Degree in Speech while studying there. After this, he started off his career as a reporter.


Craig Sager career started off as a reporter for the WXLT and over the years, Craig Sager net worth has increased to a great amount for what he started off almost four decades ago.  On 1978, he joined the KMBC Channel and was part of the broadcast of the Kansa City Royals spring training games.

Craig Sager career and his life have been remembered well as he was considered to be a tireless and hardworking personality. He is remembered mostly for his Major League Football coverages as well as for his interviews,

He joined CNN on 1980 and was made full time there on 1981. He covered the baseball playoffs and was the co-anchor for the CNN Sports Tonight shows. He has also been the anchor of College Football and has covered events like the Pan American Games, 1990 FIFA World Cup and the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Craig Sager career is also famous, for he was the reporter for the NBC Sports as well as the famed televised role as the sideline reporter for 'The NBA' on TNT will always be remembered by his fans.

Personal Life and Cancer

Craig Sager has been married for two times. From his two marriages, he had five children in total. He got married formerly to Lisa Gabel. Lisa belonged to Chillicothe, Missouri. The marriage of the couple took place in the year 1980. The pair has a son named Craig Jr. Craig was a walk-on wide receiver at the famous University of Georgia. He has also filled in for his father as a sideline reporter during the absence of his father, in the year 2014.

Craig Sager got married next to Stacy Sager. The couple got married on 2001, after Craig's relationship with his former wife turned sour and ended in a divorce. Craig Sager and Stacy have four children together. She was his wife until Craig Sager cancer gave rise to his death on 2016.

On the year 2014, Craig Sager was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. He missed the 2014 NBA playoffs because of the reason. Craig Jr. was the match for the bone marrow transplant that Craig Sager needed. He underwent the surgery, only to have his cancer remiss later on.

While all of his fans and colleagues wished him well for recovery, his leukemia returned on 2016. Craig Sager cancer was so bad that he was given an ultimatum on three to six months to live. Craig Sager cancer was again treated with a bone marrow transplant from an unknown donor.

At the age of 65, Craig Sager cancer led to his death. He died on the 15th of December, 2016. He was memorialized by Inside the NBA.

Net Worth and Facts

Surely, Craig Sager net worth has risen considerably over the years and has caused him to become one of the most earning journalists of all time. Craig Sager net worth details have been widely talked about by his fans. However, it has also been noted that Craig Sager suits and his dressing sense were an inspiration to many, Craig Sager suits were legendary and his outfits were to remember for a long time. Craig Sager suits were bold and his wardrobe and sense of style will surely be remembered by his fans for a long time to come.

Craig Sager net worth was a whopping 9.5 million dollars up until his death. Craig Sager net worth is surely set to be divided between his wife and children now that he is gone.

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