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Courtney Laine Mazza career as an actress and a producer is going absolutely well. Courtney Laine Mazza career as planned is paying her like crazy. Courtney Laine Mazza is widely popular with the name, Courtney Lopez. By maintaining considerably stable personal life she has not given media much of the chance to make rumors about her, which actually is adorable.


Courtney Laine Mazza aka Courtney Lopez is a popular actress and producer. She is basically known for known for Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta (2012), Extra (1994) and Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby (2010). The actress plus producer is a happily married woman with children. Along with Courtney Laine Mazza career, her private life is also without any disturbances.


Courtney Laine Mazza was born on October 13, 1982, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The actress is in her thirties and still wearing that flawless beauty of twenty. She is an American by nationality.

Early life and education

Courtney Laine Mazza career is not only she does to earn her living but it is her passion and she was passionate about it right from the beginning. The actress started singing, dancing and acting from the small age of four. Courtney Laine Mazza career has excelled much more in all these years and she has become a Broadway star.

Courtney Laine Mazza has a sound educational background and she studied at the Pittsburgh Creative & Performing Arts School. After school, she attended University of Arts in Philadelphia and graduated in 2003.The actress has earned some recognizable recognitions. She has been honored as the Best Actress for 2 times by the "Gene Kelly Awards" for Excellence during the High School Musical Theater.

Career and net worth

Courtney Laine Mazza career is definitely something aspiring as she got successful on the basis of her effort and talent, not because of her connections or something like that. Courtney Laine Mazza career highlights would simply include Extra (1994) which television news updates show on current events in the mass-entertainment business such as movies, TV, music, etc and Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby (2010) which is a TV series. Courtney Laine Mazza got even more popular because of Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta (2012).

Courtney Mazza is popular for her career as a stage actress. To navigate the career lane, Courtney Laine Mazza career started the mid-90s. She was offered for a Broadway "Recue" at the Caesar’s Palace in Atlanta City after college. There she worked for 3 months. Then she moved to New York City and began her work on Broadway. Then as we can see, her success on Broadway made her recognized as the talented actress and dancer. Her stage works include “Chorus Line”, “Cry baby”, “The Little Mermaid” etc. Courtney Laine Mazza also appeared in CBS soap opera titled “As the World Turns”. After she moved to the west coast in Los Angeles, she appeared as Top Rank Boxing’s correspondent, accomplishing pre-fight interviews for HBO in California.

Apart from bright Courtney Laine Mazza career as an actress, there is something people generally do not know about her. She has also been involved projects by teaching children about illiteracy & self-esteem. With all these successes, the actress might earn a fair sum of money. So, what about Courtney Laine Mazza net worth? Well, unfortunately, Courtney Laine Mazza net worth has not been disclosed yet.

Personal life and spouse

Courtney Laine Mazza personal life is definitely a low profile and her private life has rarely been attacked by the media. So, it is safe for us to assume that Courtney Laine Mazza personal life is free of controversies.

The actress is definitely a happily married woman living her dream. Courtney got married to Mario Lopez who is a television host by profession on December 1, 2012. The couple is a goal and a perfect match for each other. The couple met in 2008. At that time both of them worked on Broadway stage project “A Chourus Line”. The couple is blessed with two beautiful children. Their first baby, Gia Francesca Lopez was born before they are officially married who was born on September 11, 2010. Their second child, Dominic Lopez was born after they are officially married on September 9, 2013.

The couple is definitely a perfect fit and has a reputation as a philanthropic couple. They have contributed to the different, not for profit organizations like Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Broadway Barks, The Rescue Train, Feeding America, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Ronald McDonald House Charities & Eva Longoria Foundation etc.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Courtney Laine Mazza is recognized as a popular actress and she is active in social media. Courtney Laine Mazza twitter account is active and anyone can follow Courtney Laine Mazza twitter account.



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