Bill Turnbull Salary, Quiz Show, Age and BBC Career

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Bill Turnbull is a presenter and journalist of British nationality who has been known for his work on Classic FM as well as the BBC. Bill Turnbull salary and his net worth are extremely high, particularly for all the endeavors he has carried out in the past as a well-known personality in the field of journalism.


Born as William Robert Jolyon Turnbull on the 25th of January, 1956 in Guildford, Surrey, he has known better as Bill Turnbull to the general media. He is a personality of English nationality.

Early Life

Bill Turnbull was born in Surrey, South East England. His father seems to be of Scottish ancestry and his mother is English, thus the ethnicity of Bill is a mixed one. For his education, Bill Turnbull was enrolled in the Eton College in Berkshire. After this, he studied at the University of Edinburgh. On his college, he edited the student newspaper. After this, he was enrolled at the Cardiff University. He passed out from the University in the year 1978.

Career and Path

Bill Turnbull’s salary has increased considerably over the past few years because of his successful career. The career of this personality started off from the Scottish local station called Radio Clyde. He started working there in 1978 and also freelanced for a number of years in the USA.

Bill Turnbull joined in as the reporter for the Today program and held the same position in Breakfast Time on 1989. Bill Turnbull BBC career started off on 1990 when he started in the position of the correspondent for the BBC. He covered several international as well as domestic stories. He is known for having reported events like the O.J Simpson murder trial as well as Bill Clinton’s presidency scandal.

Bill Turnbull joined BBC News 24 on 1997 and became the presenter of Weekend Breakfast. He joined BBC Breakfast in 2001 in the role of a weekend presenter and appeared also as a relief presenter for the same. He held the same position for News at Six as well as News at One.

Bill Turnbull is also known to have been a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing and finished in the sixth position. He also became a presenter for songs of Praise and narrated the CBBC sketch comedy series named Class Dismissed. Bill Turnbull quiz shoe Think Tank has also been hugely popular with his fans. Bill Turnbull quiz show airs on BBC One. He has also appeared on the game show Pointless Celebrities.

He has also appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and in Room 101. He has also appeared in an episode of The Chase and has had several other televsio0n appearances which have been hugely popular with the general audience. Bill Turnbull is also well known for his activities as a charitable personality.

Girlfriend, Spouse and Personal Life

Bill Turnbull is a married man. He has been married since 1988 in March and it seems that the relationship of Bill with his wife is getting along pretty well. Bill’s wife is named Sarah McCombie. After some time of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot for the year 1988 thus Bill’s girlfriend became his wife.

Bill Turnbull children are three in number. Their first son, Henry was in the year 1988 in October. Will, their second son was born on 1989. They also have a beautiful daughter named Flora, who was born in the year 1991 in August.

The couple lived in Buckinghamshire previously. As of now, the couple resides in Rainrow in Chesire. This change came about after BBC Breakfast moved to Salford. By the looks of it, it surely seems t that the duo is already set to a successful and long married life without troubles and without the signs of an imminent split.

Net Worth and Facts

Bill Turnbull salary has increased considerably over the past few years. Bill Turnbull salary is in the range of thousands of dollars and he has made his name clear and wide in the journalism sector fro the skills he has portrayed on the screen. Bill Turnbull net worth certainly seems to be in the range of millions but the exact amount of it has not been revealed in the social networking sites as well as the sites like the wiki.

Bill is a fan of the Wycombe Wandered football club and has also been known to enjoy running. He has also published a book called The Bad Beekeepers Club which is a comedy book about beekeeping. He has also been known for his interest in beekeeping as well as in chickens. He is also particularly interested in dancing. He has completed the London Marathon as well as the Great North Run and is recognized also for his charitable activities.


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