Bill Moyers

Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth June 5, 1934
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Working for Television Programs
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Spouse Judith Suzanne Davidson
Married on 1954
Children(s) William Cope Moyers - Son
Qualification Degree
Education at University of North Texas
Net Worth(s) $85 million
Name on Birth Bill D. Moyers
Divorce Not Yet
Height 1.78 m
Weight N/A
Age 87 Years

Birth and Education

Bill D. Moyers was born June 5, 1934, in Hugo, Oklahoma, to father John Henry Moyers, a laborer, and mother Ruby Moyers, and grew up in Marshall, Texas. His height is 5' 10" currently. By the age of 15, Moyers was working as a reporter on his local paper, the Marshall News Messenger.  In college, he studied journalism at the North Texas State College in Denton, Texas, where he became class president. In 1954 he worked on Lyndon B. Johnson's Senate campaign and then transferred to the University of Texas at Austin, where he majored in journalism. He spent a year studying church history at the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland, before returning to study for a bachelor of divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, which he completed in 1959.


Moyers’ wife is Judith Suzanne Moyers, married to him on December 18, 1954. They have three children and five grandchildren. The names of their children are William Cope, Alice Suzanne, and John Davidson.

There hasn’t been any official record that he had been in a relationship before his marriage, in other words, there is no record of any girlfriend of his. He and his spouse are not divorced and they currently live in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Early Career

Moyers established himself as a print journalist, and received appointments in the 1960s as Deputy Director of the Peace Corps for President John F. Kennedy and press secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1961 Moyers became associate director of public affairs and public relations director of the Peace Corps. He became deputy director of the Peace Corps in 1963.

Moyers was named as the finest press secretary in the history of the U.S. government in an American Journalism Review survey in the early 2000s. Moyers resigned from his post under Johnson in January 1967 to sign on as the publisher of Newsday.

PBS and Bill Moyers' Journal

In 1971 he began working for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), hosting a news program called Bill Moyers Journal, which ran until 1981.

Journalism Career

In 1976 he worked as editor and chief correspondent for CBS Reports until 1980, then as senior news analyst and commentator for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather from 1981 to 1986. He also produced and hosted many TV shows and other journalism activities like The Power of Myth series in 1986, consisting of six one-hour interviews between Moyers and mythologist Joseph Campbell; The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, a documentary in 1987, covering the infringement on the limitations on government and the executive branch provided by the Constitution; In Search of the Constitution, 11-part mini-series documentary in 1987, celebrating the bicentennial of the signing of the U.S. Constitution and critically analyzing the state of affairs of the present and the intervening 200 years; A World of Ideas, an interview series in 1988, featuring writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and historians, whom he had become acquainted with.

Moyers briefly joined NBC News in 1995 as a senior analyst and commentator. He was the last regular commentator on the NBC Nightly News.

Moyers hosted the TV news journal NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS for three years, starting in January 2002. He retired from the program on December 17, 2004.

Moyers continued to host several limited-run PBS series during the '90s, including Amazing Grace (1990), Spirit and Nature with Bill Moyers (1991), Healing and the Mind with Bill Moyers (1993), and The Language of Life with Bill Moyers (1995). In early 2006, he headlined Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason, a seven-part series of discussions with international writers, that capitalized on the popularity of such works as The Passion of the Christ and The Da Vinci Code, by examining how it is possible to keep the public space between rational reason and religious faith from turning into a ideological war zone. Later that same year, Moyers emerged with Moyers on America, another informational series that examined contemporary issues facing the U.S. The weight of his analysis is considered to be high.

Bill Moyers Journal

On April 25, 2007, Moyers returned to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal. In the first episode, "Buying the War", Moyers investigated what he called the general media's shortcomings in the run up to the War in Iraq.

Moyers and Company

In August 2011, Moyers announced a new hour-long weekly interview show, Moyers & Company, which premiered in January 2012. In that same month, Moyers also launched a new website, Moyers & Company is produced by Public Affairs Television and distributed by American Public Television. Moyers announced on October 30, 2013 that he wants to halt its postcast. But he said that they will be continuing the service through their website.

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