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Andrew Kaczynski is a renowned American journalist and a political reporter. He has appeared on various television networks throughout his career like MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, PBS, and C-SPAN. Andrew Kaczynski net worth is known to be high from his successful career as a reporter. Andrew Kaczynski bio is given below.


An American journalist and a political reporter, Andrew Kaczynski has worked with several television networks and is currently working at CNN. He receives a huge chunk of salary from Andrew Kaczynski CNN job. This has raised Andrew Kaczynski net worth and prominence. Andrew first came into the spotlight after he started posting old video clips of politicians, often of them making statements contrary to their current political positions, to YouTube. A very detailed bio of Andrew Kaczynski can be found on various other social media sites along with his personal and professional details.

Early Life and Education

Andrew Kaczynski was born on November 30, 1989, in Cleveland, Ohio. He was raised by his parents along with his sister. After high school, Andrew attended college at the Ohio University but got involved with political reporting and then transferred to the St. Johns University to study early American history. He could not graduate from there also because of his career and later enrolled in online courses to meet his degree requirement but did not eventually graduate. He first began his career by emailing reporters' tip boxes with clips he found of politicians contradicting themselves.


Andrew Kaczynski began his journalism career by posting old video clips of politicians to YouTube. He also used to email other reporters clips he found of politicians contradicting themselves. After gaining some recognition for his work, Kaczynski was hired by BuzzFeed in December 2011. He worked there for around five years and left BuzzFeed on October 2016 and went on to join CNN. Andrew Kaczynski CNN career has pushed him more into the spotlight and helped him to gain more recognition in the media. This has also helped to increase Andrew Kaczynski net worth to higher level. Kaczynski has also worked with various other networks including MSNBC, Fox News, NPR, PBS, and C-SPAN. He has now established himself as one of the leading researchers to dig up dirt on politicians. He has uncovered numerous clips of various politicians and reported on them.  Andrew Kaczynski has received huge success over a very short period of time because of his remarkable work.

Net worth and Salary

Seeing Andrew Kaczynski wife and him enjoy a lavish lifestyle, Andrew Kaczynski net worth is assumed to be huge. Andrew Kaczynski net worth is amassed from all the compensation he receives from his reporting job. However, Andrew Kaczynski net worth has not yet been exactly estimated. But it is likely that Andrew Kaczynski net worth is going to increase in the future because of his successful future endeavors.

Personal life

Talking about his personal life, Andrew Kaczynski is a married man. Andrew Kaczynski wife is Rachel Louise Ensign who is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. The couple recently got married in May 2017 and since has been living happily together. However, Andrew seems to be reluctant on speaking about his private life in the media and only likes to focus on his career.

Body measurements

Andrew Kaczynski is currently 27 years old. Andrew belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. He has a black colored hair which he keeps to like short most of the time and the color of his eyes are brown.

Awards and Nominations

Andrew Kaczynski received huge success in a short period of time. He has also received numerous honors and awards over the years for his remarkable career. Recently, Andrew was nominated for the Shorty Award for Best Journalist in 2017. He was named one of the breakout stars of the 2016 election by Politico. Similarly, Slate political reporter Dave Weigel called him the Oppenheimer of archival video research. He was also described as the Republican primaries' most influential amateur opposition researcher in the year 2012. Andrew Kaczynski Twitter account is another aspect of his career that he is famous for. Andrew Kaczynski Twitter account has more than 268 thousand followers to the date and is very popular among the media. He has received a few honors for his Twitter feed. He was named the 13th most influential Tweeter in New York City in 2014 by the New York Magazine. Kaczynski was also listed on the Daily Beast website's Beast Best awards for his Twitter Feed. Furthermore, Time named Andrew's Twitter feed one of The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013. Andrew Kaczynski career is still on the rise and he has yet to receive more success in the upcoming years.

Andrew Kaczynski bio with his personal and professional details can be found on various other social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and much more.

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