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We all have watched Alison Haislip movies at least once.  Alison Haislip movies are full of romance, thrill and are one hell of an entertainment package that has managed to make her one of the most searched and liked celebrities on the entertainment fraternity. Alison Haislip is an American actress and also a former TV correspondent. The actress currently lives at her beautiful residence in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Alison Haislip is a versatile actress who does not have a single genre to play in when it comes to movies. She has played in many movies and their genres are different and vary from horror to romance to comedy. This actress knows how to keep the audience engaged. Alison has come his long way with all her hard work and long-term effort.


Alison Haislip is born on 6th of February, 1981. She was born and raised in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, United States.

Early life and education

Alison Haislip is said to be one of the bright students when it comes to studying and the stuff. She got graduated from Voorhees High School. Alison also went to Boston College and attained her graduation with honors. She studied theater. Alison's academic achievement does not end here. The actress has acquired an extensive training from the British American Drama Academy. So, it is not a matter of surprise why she is good at her job. Then Alison with all her opportunities on the way ahead moved to the dream city, Los Angeles to give her acting career a major head start.

Career and Net Worth

Alison Haislip has been active in the industry from 2004 to present. However, she has been acting since she was at the age of twelve. Apart from that, she has been into singing from the very age of three. Alison is not a proficient in just one field; she has left her mark in many other areas ranging from movies to television shows, music videos to plays etc. She has also worked as a model.

The former Ford Model took her job at G4 in October 2007 and won most of the hearts out there with her awesome presentation skills and gestures. There she worked as a correspondent for many times fo Attack of the show! There she also co-hosted American Ninja Warrior's first season. In addition to that, she served as a sideline reporter for the show's second and third season. Alison then left the network in 2011.

 Alison is then announced to join the cast of the voice of NBC. There her major task was to report the backstage stuff and serve as a social networking correspondent. Under her work description, she had permission to update the ongoing details about the competition in twitter. Her tweets were the major attractions and stimulated major interests in people regarding the show. To be honest, it was quite interesting to watch her interactions with the contestants in the V room.

Keeping her regular jobs aside she has also been involved in video blogging. This aspect of hers kept her quite close to her fans. Alison started getting involved in this video blogging since 2008. The blog features a short unedited video which is nearly about four to six minutes long.

Alison started to appear in numerous short HD films from 2009. People can watch them on YouTube and enjoy. ‘New Moongasm- A New Moon Parody', ‘Hi, I'm Joel Rush' and ‘Love automatically' are short films that came in 2009 and each of them is very enjoyable to watch.

Alison really knows how to hit a mark when it comes to hosting or acting. She also co- hosted a very new show entitled ‘4 Points' on Nerdist YouTube Channel in 2012. In the show, she along with Alex Albrecht talks on four basic topics with celebrities or with the member of Nerdist community. This program of hers was able to gain much popularity. Not only that in 2015, she again started co- hosting the show entitled ‘Half Hour Happy Hour' in the same network.

Now, aside from all these achievements, Alison Haislip is one hell of a talented actress. Alison Haislip movies have taken us by the storm for many times. Some of the Alison Haislip movies include ‘Screwed', ‘Fresh Water', ‘untitled movie theater project', ‘Chatter', ‘Saturn returns', ‘Heart of now', ‘The Indian', ‘into the arms of strangers' etc. Most of these Alison Haislip movies are liked and have a good rating.

With all these movies, Alison Haislip net worth is in thousands of dollars. , Alison Haislip net worth is $500 thousand.

Personal life and spouse

Alison is secretive about her personal life. Her fans usually get concerned about if, Alison Haislip married? However, Alison Haislip married life is yet to be discovered because she has not found her the one yet.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Alison Haislip’s hit movies are one of her major achievements. Alison is active in social media. Alison Haislip twitter is active and anyone can follow her. Alison Haislip twitter is one way through which she keeps in touch with her fans.


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