Alexandra Pelosi

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Is Alexandra Pelosi related to Nancy Pelosi?

Alexandra Pelosi (age 45 years) is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi who is the Democratic Leader of USA. Not remaining in the shadow of her mother Nancy, Alexandra has built her own identity as an award winning documentary and movie maker. A person of multiple talents, she is also the journalist and a writer of several successful books.

 According to Alexandra Pelosi bio, she was born in 5th October 1970 in San Francisco. She was raised in San Francisco along with her four other siblings. After successfully completing her school level education, she joined Loyola Marymount University from where she completed BA before graduating from Annenberg School for Communication in 1993.

Alexandra Pelosi is a married woman. She tied knots with her husband Michiel Vos in 2005. Vos is a Dutch Journalist as well as a Lawyer. Together, the couple has two children, both of them are sons. The first kid was born in 2006 while the other was born in 2007. Alexandra is currently living in Greenwich Village with her husband and children. Although there is no data on her height and weight, it can be said that she maintains a healthy life and takes proper diet every day.      

It took her few years to figure out what she wanted after the completion of education. Finally, in 2000, Alexandra decided to work as television producer for NBC News. This turned out to be an important decision as she was able to cover Presidential Campaign of George W. Bush that lasted for 18 long months. She recorded her experience in a camcorder and released a documentary named Journeys with Goerge which was nominated for prestigious Emmy Award. Finally, she left NBC and joined HBO from where she gave many hit documentaries like Diary of a Political Tourist. She has also written many books. Some of Alexandra Polesi books include Sneaking into the Flying Circus which critically analyses the presidential selection process inside America. Her other documentaries include Friends of God (2007) and Right America: Feeling Wronged (2008). This documentary was about start of Tea Party Movement. Along with political movies, she has also made documentary in other sensual matters like Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County. San Francisco 2.0 is the latest documentary from Alexandra Pelosi. With so many successful documentaries, Alexandra Pelosi net worth is massive USD 26.4 million while she earns six digit salary. She is not an active user of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.







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