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Tatum Beatrice O'Neal AKA Tatum O'Neal was born on 5th November 1963 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America which makes Tatum O'Neal age of 52 years old now. Tatum is the only daughter of actor Ryan O’Neal and Joanne Moore. Tatum O'Neal mother Joanna was an American film and television actress. Tatum O'Neal mother was born on 10th November 1934 in Parrott, Georgia, United States of America. Tatum O'Neal mother flaunted her acting skills in more than eighty films and television shows. Tatum O'Neal mother started her career from the television show Lux Video Theatre in the character of Stephanie on 8th November, 1956. Likewise, Tatum O'Neal mother first film was Appointment with a Shadow as penny Spencer in 1957.

Tatum O'Neal mother got married with an actor Ryan O’Neal. Tatum O'Neal mother gave birth to two children, her elder daughter Tatum Beatrice O'Neal and younger son Griffin Patrick O'Neal. The marriage relationship between Tatum O'Neal mother and father started to get violent. So, Tatum O'Neal mother decided to get separated and finally got divorced in February 1967. Then Moore started to live a single life but was very frustrated and sad. Moore was very disturbed after they got splitted so Tatum O'Neal mother started to take drugs and alcohol which hampered her acting career too. The drugs named amphetamines affected her very much.

In 1970, Tatum O'Neal mother was sent to the Camarillo State Hospital for her treatment. Next year, Moore was arrested for drink and drive case. In February 1975, Tatum O'Neal mother married with roofing contractor Gary L. Reeves. But this relationship was also not successful so they got separated in 1977. Since then Tatum O'Neal mother started to become financially weak so Tatum took proper care of her mother. Even then, Moore could not stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol. As a result, her health began to get worse and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Tatum O'Neal mother died on 22nd November, 1997 and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Americus, Georgia.

Tatum O'Neal age was 10 years old when Tatum debuted in the big screen from the film Paper Moon in the role of Addie Loggins. For this movie, Tatum succeeds to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Actress. Last year in 2015, Tatum acted in a film She's Funny That Way as Waitress in which Tatum had a cameo role. In the same way, Tatum was seen in the reality television show Hell’s Kitchen in the same year 2015.

Talking about her personal life, her first boyfriend was the pop star Michael Jackson but due to various personal issues, they got separated. Tatum O'Neal age was very younger then. Later in the year 1984, Tatum started dating with the tennis player John McEnroe. After around two years of their relationship, the couple got married in 1986. Tatum gave birth to three kids. Tatum O'Neal children were named as Kevin, Sean and Emily. The lovebirds could not stay together for longer time. So, the duo got separated in 1992 and divorced in 1994. After divorce, Tatum O'Neal children could not get proper parenthood as Tatum was involved in drugs and was addicted to heroin. As a result, her husband John got the Custody of Tatum O'Neal children in 1998. As on today, Multi-talented actress Tatum O'Neal age is of 52 years now and still looks as beautiful and attractive. Similarly, Tatum O’Neal children have also grown younger and are happy and successful in their own perspective life.

Moving towards her physical appearances, Tatum O'Neal measurement of body was 34-24-32 in the year 2013. Tatum O’Neal feet are quite big but look very nice and well-toned. As Tatum began to grow older, Tatum O'Neal measurement also increased. In the end of 2014, Tatum O'Neal measurement was calculated 34-26-32. Till now, Tatum could not get back to her actual body size. Recently, in April 2016, Tatum O’Neal feet are calculated the size of 8.5 according to US measurement and Tatum O'Neal measurement of body was measured similar to the year 2014.

The biography of Tatum can be read in the popular site Wikipedia and IMDb. Her fans can get her recent updates from various social networking sites. Tatum has been using her Twitter account since May 2011 and has approximately 47.6k followers. Similarly, there are more than 6835 followers in Instagram, but does not have an account in Facebook. Numerous pictures of Tatum O'Neal feet in different poses are also uploaded in various blogs and webpages.

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