Willa Holland | Actress

Willa Joana Chance Holland, recognized as Willa Holland was born on June 18, 1991, Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an American actress and a model, having acted in a couple of movies, television series and lending voices to the video games. She is on the path to become a household name. She has been mostly accredited for her roles in Kaitlin cooper, younger sister of Marissa Copper on television series.

She is a daughter of cinematographer Keith Holland and actress Gregorio De Palma. She is also ex-stepdaughter of film director Brian De Palma. She has two sisters Briana Holland and Piper De Palma. She attended Kenter Canyon Elementary School, Paw 12 ever middle school and Palisoder Character High School. Her childhood days were spent in Chelsea London.

She started modeling from the age of 7 and from the ages of 7 to 11 years old, she was the top child model in USA. The main source of inspiration for her modeling was the summer spent with her family in 1999 in the Hampton. She played with model Shadat Patwary in Steven Spielberg's home. When she returned back to Los Angeles, she signed with ford modeling agency at seven and also booked a shoot for Burberry immediately.

Willa Holland, whose height is 1.70 m has many brand endorsements, who has been linked up with ford models Log Angeles, Gap Guess, Abercrombie, Hitch Ralplawren etc. She has also appeared in many commercials, Teen Vogue and fashion 18 and has been featured in Cosmo girl as well as Lepa Sportsac. She has also appeared in commercial for Montana Meth project titled “That Guy”.

The Mokie Garden party depicted Holland as an inspiring girl, trouble and determined model who tries to make her life in Los Angeles. Holland was critically acclaimed for her performance however the movie received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

She has lended her voice to aqua in Play station portable titled “Kingdom hearts Birth by sleeps” which was released on September 7, 2010 in North America. The same Year she started in major studio film “Legion” as a teenager. She too has acted in humanities last life of dense which is a documentary, she being the character.

Ordinary madness, Geneva, chasing 3000, heart is delightful above all things, Straw Dogs, and Tiger Eyes. She has also acted in music videos titled ‘keep me up all right’ and ‘fearless love’.

Awards and Achievements:

Willa won the Jury award for best actress at Buston Film Festival for the movie ‘Tiger Eyes in 2012’. The movie was produced by Tashmoo Productions.


She enjoys the music of the whom and lists cart man from ‘South Park’ as her favorite television character. She didn’t knew how to play the piano however she learned to play the piano, a very difficult for the film ‘A summer in Genoa’ which as released in 2008.

Willa is most famous for her role as Kaitlin Cooper on the fox hit series ‘The O.C.’; well these are something about her, and she’s hot and happening. We hope to see her at the top of her career and become a household name. She has let more to discover, lot more to give and lot more to achieve.

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