10 Celebrity Travel Destinations To Consider On Your Next Vacation

Our earth is full of many beautiful places; all you need to have is the interest and resources to visit those places. Traveling is a very good escape from the day to day tasks and a get away from regular hustle and bustle of daily lives. Discover the cultural varieties along with natural diversities in this holiday with your loved ones. Here are the top 10 Celebrity travel destinations to consider on your next vacation.


Paris, the city of romance has been one of the sought out destinations for many people out there. When you visit the place, you will be astounded by the French love for pastries, varieties of wine and chocolate.  The iconic Eiffel Tower and number of royal castles along with lavish cathedrals are definitely the major attractions of the place.  Paris has the historical and architectural importance.  However, it is one of the most expensive destinations and is highly recommendable to the celebrities who enjoy luxury and lavish holidays.


Fiji is yet another travel destination that is listed under top 10 Celebrity travel destinations to consider on your next vacation. Fiji is not just a single island, a series of 332 islands. The exclusive and mind- blowing scenery will wipe away all your stresses. The escape to this pristine nature of Fiji will dig your pockets down but it is worth taking.

New York City

New York City is undoubtedly one of the major travel destinations for the celebrities and all the people as a whole. New York City is the heart of many high- class US industries, it has been able to attract many tourists even though the tour is expensive.  The city simply does not sleep. Hence, New York City is suggested for the next travel destination.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

When you see British Virgin Islands, only one word that hits your mind would be ‘WOW’. The place is reputed for being a rich Brit playground. British Virgin Islands has been listed under top 10 Celebrity travel destinations to consider on your next vacation not only because the place is packed with all levels of natural beauties but also because it is one hell of lavish travel destinations. To be clear, the island of Guana is yet another luxury travel destinations for recommended for celebrities. It has no public access though.  Yoga and tennis lessons are offered. Other attractive features activities include snorkeling, bird-watching and outdoor activities, such as hiking. One simply won’t regret the travel.

Bora Bora

This comparatively small island in French Polynesia has been one of the sought out travel destinations. The beautiful island provides the jaw- dropping views of mother- nature and a lavish experience. Bora Bora can be out of the reach for normal people but is one of the highly recommended travel destinations for celebrities, business elites, and affluent people. Bora Bora makes you feel like you are in a different world.



Seychelles is yet another island escape for your holiday that has been able to hit the chart of top 10 Celebrity travel destinations to consider on your next vacation. Seychelles is also not only a single island but composed of several islands. Seychelles is situated in the Indian Ocean, just south of the main island of Mahe. The beautiful and luxury travel experience given by Seychelles will take you to next level.


Italy, the dreamland for many people and celebrities and Tuscany is one of the most expensive regions in Italy. Tuscany has a sheer historical appeal that many celebrities cannot escape. Its historical significance could be traced back to pre-Roman times. Tuscany is still a kind of virgin travel destination and is packed with pristine beauty. Tuscany definitely is one of the top 10 Celebrity travel destinations to consider on your next vacation.


Dubai is yet another lavish celebrity travel destination to be considered at the time of the holiday. This Middle Eastern hotspot has become a veritable mecca of modern excess. The place is simply very amazing. There are countless attractions of Dubai but the man-made islands, the luxurious Burj Al Arab, and soaring towers keep appealing the travelers to take a tour there.

Musha Cay

Musha Cay lands on the hot second spot on the list. Musha Cay is just one of the 11 islands in Copperfield Bay. The travel there will give you the whole new definition of the holiday.


Finally, Oslo makes up to the unbeatable first place. Oslo, the capital of Norway is scenic and delightful. The city is filled with Scandinavian charm and still reminiscent of the Norwegians’ Viking history that will make your travel worthwhile.

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