6 Tips for Taking to Men and Attracting Them Like Crazy

Women are not surprised by men following them all the time. Women are used to this usual behavior of men. But interestingly females are insecure about selecting a wright guy or find Mr. Prince of her dreams. The man that she adores may not be hanging around her or may not be hitting on her all the time like usual guys. This may be a cause which makes women to feel for that guy that he is somebody special or different or the type she likes.

If you are the women with same problem then you are going through the wright page. This page will definitely gone help you to get the man of your dreams. There are some secret about the men which many women may not know and you are going to know about it in this page. Men certainly are also shy creatures but less shy than women. You all should know that either male or female and even animal have different way to express their feelings. All you got to do is to recognize their ways in which they express.

Here, I am gone mention some helpful points for women to find their man from my own experience and based on other scientific research. The important things you have to get within you are to develop your guts and you should be able to read the body signs of men and to know their intension towards yourself. I know lots of women out there are having problem to find the wright guy.

I assure you that after reading this article you will be able to make any men able to kneel before you.



Women are powerful but they need to be either creative or attractive. You must not hesitate to be attractive. You are meant to be attractive as you all have heard that “flaunt it if you have got it”. I will tell you something which seems negative but it is not. Men are wired in such a way that they are attracted towards your lumps. It is because they like it. So, use your gift (curves). It is a powerful weapon if you use it properly.


Unlike female male also like to be flattered but they do not show as if he is happy. Do not let him down around his friends. Make your men feel that he is only love of your life. To make him feel special you can simply appreciate his haircut, comment good on his dress up and most important tell him he looks cute and inspire him for his work. Never ever get mad on him if he is late. Men hate that.


Men always want to know if the girl he is hanging out is comfortable with him or not. He is not willing to date a girl who will not be comfortable with him. So, act comfortable while talking to him. Don't ever say that you are busy just ask excuse by showing family problem. If the men feel you are not willing to date him or you are ignoring him he will change his mind.


If you get desperate it is the worst thing in the earth. Believe me desperate women never gets a man. No any men show sympathy to desperate women. Be in shape, focus on your real thing and add sense to your humor. Smiling is everybody's best thing so, smiles and makes your man happy. 


You are female so act feminine. Don't show the macho behavior to your man. The best way is to do it in your own way. Don't be too available for your man and let him know you are pure and clean. Remember that if you are not feminine then he will be attracted towards you only physically but not mentally.


Every man needs his own space. Men like being cared but don't give him too much advice and what to do and not to do. Do only advise them if they want to take it from you. Show him how much you like him not only by words but by your activities. Keeps these things in your mind and you will get what you want. You will never fail to get your man. Now go for Mr. your choice


Best of luck ladies !

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