6 Steps to Remove Cellulite

Cellulite is a layer of fat accumulated beneath the skin within the fibrous connective tissue, which causes bumps and dimples over the pelvic region and the thighs. It may be caused due to inheritance or due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, hormonal factors, or may be due to dehydration or slow digestion. The fat within the connective tissue pushes the skin which causes the skin look dull or bumpy.

Cellulite removal can be done by various methods. You should follow these steps to remove cellulite from your body:

Step 1: Remove excess body weight

Remove excess body weight so that less fat is stored. Excess body weight leads to excess storage of fat which may cause cellulite to appear over the buttocks and thighs. You can maintain your body weight by having balanced diet and drinking more water.

Step 2: Exercise

Exercising will replace fat cells with muscles. This will help a lot in reducing and removing cellulite.

Step 3: Keep your heart active:

Practice cardio exercises so that your heart remains healthy and maintains the balance of fat within the blood vessels. You should prevent fat from accumulating in your blood vessels.

Step 4: Practice according to the cellulite affected area:

Practicing exercises according to the cellulite affected area helps in reduction or removal of cellulite accumulated in the specific region. For example, for cellulite in thighs, leg lift exercises and for buttock region, another specific exercise can be used.

Step 5: Do stretch exercises after performing above exercises:

To increase the flexibility and the length of the muscles, stretching exercises must be done after performing cardios exercises such as cycling, walking or stair-climbing.

Step 6: Be cellulite free:

Following the above procedure i.e. focusing on balanced diet and regular exercise can remove cellulite. You will not be worried about the cellulite and the ugliness caused by it anymore. Become cellulite free and be happy.


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