5 Reasons You’ll Never Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat indicates the weight you have gained around your stomach and abdominal area. Belly fat is clinically known as central obesity or abdominal obesity. It is confined to any age group. People get belly fat due to the excess amount of substance known as visceral fat. The victim who has excess belly fat have more risk with the heart problems, diabetes, dyslipidemia etc.

We all want to be healthy and attractive. Belly fat challenges us to be healthy. So, we all want to get rid from our unattractive extra fat around our belly. If we really want to take out all those ridiculous fat from our body then we have to start from our dieting habit.

Here are some reasons which do not allow us to lose our Belly fat.

1) High Calorie Food

There is no doubt that high calorie foods are easiest cause of belly fat. If a person consumes excess calories and especially high amount of protein then it increases the fat in our body. The amount of calorie we consumes should be according to our age. The food which contains high amount of calorie are in animal fats, vegetable oils, seeds and nuts, peanut butter and junk foods. If you are more used to these food then you will never get rid of your fat belly fat.

2) Stress

When we are under stress then we are unable to maintain our diet. And we know both high calorie and unwanted food cause belly fat. Busy life also causes stress. People having busy life are stressed out and pick up fast food and street food and increase stress hormone even more and affect blood pressure. So, stress will never allow you to get out of your fat belly.

3) Consuming Excess Amount Of Beer

Beer has too many calories so drinking beer excessively can give you belly fat. A beer contains 150 to 200 calories. And people don't only drink beer but take snacks along with it and calorie increases in our body. The amount of calorie which is not processed by our body turns into fat and stay belly area and butt.

4) Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise or sedentary style of living is one of the causes that you will never get rid of your belly fat. It also decreases your immune to stop the disease and helps to grow the underlying disease. There is more chance of getting belly fat due to laziness and involving yourself in activities like watching movies all day and lounging on sofa all day.

5) Overeating

Overeating is another major cause which does not let you lose your belly fat. Excessive eating and failing to do exercise can easily give you belly fat.  So, if you have habit of overeating you will never lose your belly fat. It also gives you more amounts of calories.

If you are used to above things you will never lose your belly fat or these are the easiest way to keep up your belly fat.

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