Current Political Situation of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country and it is surrounded by two big countries China and India. It covers an area of 147,181 sq Km which is small in area but, in Nepal the political situation is very complex and critical. It is critical time for Nepal because it is 2nd time in 6 years when we are going to elect leader to make new constitution. We have done constitute assemble before 6yeras and the political parties of Nepal failed to utilize that important and most valuable time. We have just finish 2nd constitute assembly and there is a big task ahead and that is to make new constitution which is suitable for all. in current situation Nepali congress is the major politician party of Nepal and the people of Nepal elect 104 people in direct vote system from congress in constitute assemble 2013.and 2nd major party  UML are able to elect 91 members in new constitute assembly.

If we summarized 2nd constitute assembly then the two leading political parties of Nepal are Nepali Congress and UML (Unified Marxist Leninist), and their political views are totally different to each other. And if they failed to make a medium to face this challenge then we can’t imagine the future of the Nepal. third political party of Nepal,  unified communist party of Nepal(Maoist)  rejected constitute assembly and if the two leading parties failed to convinced Maoist then surely it is hard to make new constitution and new Nepal. and in current situation Maoist are demanding  to postponed the vote counting of constitution assembly 2013and the election commission of Nepal said that ”The elections were conducted in a free, fair and fearless manner, so the results must be accepted by all.” and they  rejected the request of Maoist. If we see the chart of direct voting system of constitute assembly 2013 then, we saw that if we neglect UCPN then the dream of Nepalese people will be . . . . . . . . . . .

Another big problem is all Madhesi parties are demanding that hole Madhesh should be in one Pradesh and other politician party demanding that the Pradesh should be built on the basis of single identity basis and two major parties denied these both proposal, Which means Madhesi and other parties are not satisfied with their decision and these all problems means failed of constitution assembly 2013.

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