Why Parliament not provide Speaking Time

Parliament on Tuesday about the worth of heated rear seats remained in the Palm member Gagan Thapa also stood hand raised , asking for Hanoi . However , Thapa Fed promises speaking time . Gagan-thapa

Parliament unsaved speaking time finding a solution to the problem was this a formula that ? Lifestyle question, Thapa said , ' This is the parliament debate about the solution to the problem of tint was primitive , a Kansas Thapa taskforce said, ' I told Prime Minister , the government appeared insensitivity and immaturity , good to be entered parliament subject , but also allocated for the opposition only What happened , did not oppose the exhaust SGOT . He added - in the past we also gathryauaim Similarly virodhamatra . '

Member Thapa said - ' Here, how to solve the problem that the government is not the answer , not in opposition to Maoists: also its solution . The debate in parliament is the orthodox fathers , the fact has not been closely . '

The problem solution

England , who have argued that the problem also nikalnuparne member Thapa . Oil Corporation will not solve the problem alone , incremental administrative Kamal said about establishing an kanunamai improve . ' Oil Corporation for the reform of the chairmanship of the CA than in four reports made ??only to the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission if the problem is resolved , a Kansas Thapa said - ' Acharya is mentioned in the report should be improved autonomy , now we make the new Act . '

Sasandale regarding the stewardship of the new Act to bring the government advice is appropriate for assembly Thapa . ' The government does not solve the problem alone , reduced price , also not increased , we buy 14 lb 17 lb gas are becirakheka , Oil Corporation 1 in 5 million deficit, " Thapa said ' Now More losses were also interested parliament immediately and avoid let Rangers the same manner , using authentic problems unpacking session solution . Want to solve the problem is not only the NOC . "

Acharya also said the report is to implement the railway agreement also stir Alert Thapa said .
The government holds the answer before they price of petroleum products rather than promoting policies and programs to keep all its meaning clear political agenda public meeting.

Why NOC higher interest ?

Unquestionably, Chairman of the Assembly ranjeet karna nasty evasive agadipatta iubhiera Parliament had tried to speak . However , ELA also speak to him.

' I want to keep two things was , nasty Kansas- said, ' development budget should be cut grant our demands , but limped roknuparyo leakage , 6.8 percent interest loan gives AWISA others , but why are paying interest of 12.5 per cent in Eyam NOC ? '

What about the student movement did not dhungamudha Appealing to Parliament to speak about the news magazine, but without the prior time Lifestyle said .

Note: Transalated from google

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