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Biography of Gagan Kumar Thapa

Gagan Thapa was born on July 16, 1976 at Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a young political leader of Nepal from Nepali Congress. He is also the central committee member of Nepali Congress. He is a married man, who is married to the daughter of another central committee member of Nepali Congress – Arjun Narasingha K.C. .... Read more

Gagan Kumar Thapa won and appeals to join Constitution Assembly for UCPN

Recently Gagan Kumar Thapa won the election of Constitution Assembly from group -4 of Kathamdnu District. The announcement is made in the morning of 22nd November of 2013. At the time he spoke as a winner person to all the people and other parties who lose the election and appeals to join constitution assembly. The video from Kantipur television below: .... Read more

How and why Gagan Kumar Thapa win?

Gagan Kumar Thapa is a member of central committee member of the Nepali Congress. He was also the former member of the constituent assembly (2008 – 2012). In the 2008 Constituent Assembly election he was selected from the proportional allocation of the Nepali Congress. He was in the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle of the Constituent Assembly and the Natural Resources and Means committee of the Legislative Parliament. .... Read more

What is emo culture?

Emo culture which literally a short form for the word “emotional”, is generally a booming subculture which has got a way through this modern culture of fashions and fads. It is generally adopted by teenagers who try to feature themselves as a trendy, diversified and deviated culture from the mainstream trends. They are looked upon in this normal society as a depressed ,and frustrated people by the normal people but in a sense they though look bit ridiculous ,and weird in many of the fashions, they are not ..... Read more

10 Reasons to Use of Lemons

We use lemons almost every day for culinary and non-culinary purposes, which give sour taste of juice and other drinks and foods. This fruit is used around the world for cooking, baking, preserving foods, adding flavors, cleaning, and medicine and so on. Such a multiple-use fruit is natively from Asia and it is considered that this fruit is a hybrid form of sour orange and citron. .... Read more

Keep Your Skin Healthy during summer

Summer season may be favorite for some people while others may not be comfortable with it. Mainly summer attributes the longest days and shortest nights with intense sunlight and thus hottest days of all four seasons. People get ample time for their daily activities like office work, sports for children and others. However, temperature in summer is that fact which really matters greatly for people health, especially skin. Your skin must be well cared during summer so as to make it healthy and glowing..... Read more

How to Get a New Job

Are you annoyed sometimes for not getting a job? Well it happens to all. Lots of them are not getting a proper job. Even people with the job may not like there job and unfortunately unable to get another. The most worst and annoying thing to figure out is that why are you rejected? You may think that you are capable for that job but there may be reasons that you don’t know or you are not caring about that. I will let you know some reasons and some essentials for job that you need. Know the following reasons and make yourself ready for the next successful interview..... Read more

Three Ways to Make A Man Love You

Men are always easy for women to get. But do men really love you or they are just hitting you are you are just a fling for him. To create a love or affection for women can be difficult but it is not impossible. You should always be aware of what your men like or what they really need and what they expect from you. Men are the creature who likes to be cared and to be trusted. You cannot force any men to love you. It should be natural. Here are some ideas that will certainly help all women to make the men love you as you get ready to get loved by your man..... Read more

6 Tips for Taking to Men and Attracting Them Like Crazy

Women are not surprised by men following them all the time. Women are used to this usual behavior of men. But interestingly females are insecure about selecting a wright guy or find Mr. Prince of her dreams. The man that she adores may not be hanging around her or may not be hitting on her all the time like usual guys. This may be a cause which makes women to feel for that guy that he is somebody special or different or the type she likes..... Read more

5 Reasons You’ll Never Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is clinically known as central obesity or abdominal obesity. It is confined to any age group. People get belly fat due to the excess amount of substance known as visceral fat. The victim who has excess belly fat have more risk with the heart problems, diabetes, dyslipidemia etc..... Read more

How To Get Your Ex back (Boyfriend or Girlfriend)

Not every person wants to move along with another new partner after the previous disastrous relation. We know our Ex better and we even realize how they used to take care of us. So the answers to the solution and techniques for getting your ex back obviously cross our mind..... Read more

The Challenge of diversity

The US is continuing the process of becoming a multiethnic society. So, in the country (district) of San Francisco alone, the school children speak more than US languages in addition to English. The US of future will be even more ethnically and culturally diverse then todays. .... Read more

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