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5 Steps to Make Him Fall in Love

There is a conception that men are tough. But that doesn't mean that it is impossible to make them fall in love. By paying attention to some small details, you can make him fall in love for you. But remember one thing, don't make him fall if you are not willing to catch him and be with him for the rest of your life. Men have emotions too, that too very strong at times. Try to make him feel his inner self and he'll fall for you. Try these ideas and you are more steps closer to success..... Read more

5 Steps to Make a Man Love You

One of the question single girls ask, is, “How to make a man love me?” To all those ladies out there in the dilemma, here are some tips which makes him get interested in you, make him love you. You girls should never think that guys should act first. If you are interested in him, let him know applying the ideas provided in this post..... Read more

10 Morning Mood Boosters

Morning is when you start your day. A nice and positive morning can create positive vibes all day. You may feel a little sleepy or exhausted in the morning, but applying some simple ideas, you can make your morning beautiful and so your day becomes beautiful and charming..... Read more

6 Steps to Remove Cellulite

Cellulite is a layer of fat accumulated beneath the skin within the fibrous connective tissue, which causes bumps and dimples over the pelvic region and the thighs. It may be caused due to inheritance or due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, hormonal factors, or may be due to dehydration or slow digestion. The fat within the connective tissue pushes the skin which causes the skin look dull or bumpy..... Read more

Procession Rally of Nepali Cricketer

In the procession rally, they started at around the 12:00 pm in the afternoon from Hotel Crown Plaza and traversed through the Darbar Marg, Bagbazaar, Putalisadak and so on until the National Sports Council before reaching there..... Read more

Why Paras Khadka did have emotional?

“I usually don’t cry but today I am not able to hold back. Truly says that a man have a credit to push the Nepali Cricket when we own to select for Twenty20 World Cup tour of Bangladesh”. National team skipper Paras Khadka got emotion during a felicitation programme hosted by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) here on Tuesday for Nepali Cricketer..... Read more

Gagan Thapa with Nepali Cricketer

Recently, Gagan Thapa respect to the Nepali Cricketer and Nepalese with giving congratulation to all, when Nepali Cricketer well played and lead to be the winner to playing ICC twenty-20 world cup in Bangladesh. He posts a message in Facebook and twitter, and welcomed to Nepali Cricket team in the country with a great victory in the field of Cricket. In the meantime, Nepali Cricket team is welcomed by thousands of fans and other former board member of NCA in Tribhuwan International Airport on 1st December, 2013. .... Read more

Employment Plan by Gagan Thapa

Most of the Nepalese Youngers are suffering from unemployment. There is the highest rate of inflation from several years. In that situation, we must have reduced the unemployment rate, inside the country. There are so many options to reduce that rate. First think we can’t avoid that the fact of Nepal is a landlocked country and most of the people are depending on agriculture. The country is running under this low productive rate in every sector..... Read more

Commitment of Gagan Thapa

The recently own member of Constitution Assembly, Gagan Kumar Thapa has committed to organize, develop and manage all over the system of country and his own region of Constitution Assembly Kathmandu – 4. .... Read more

How to know if someone really loves you

In this big world, everyone needs a reliable partner. Whom they can trust .whom they can share their sad moment, happiness, feelings etc. And this is not an easy task to find such a reliable partner. Everybody wants such a partner but the main problem is how do you know that he/she is perfect for you? .... Read more

Mistakes that new parents make

According to WHO (world health organization), population growth rate of world is very high. And the rate is increasing day by day. And it means in every day many new babies came to this world and maximum population became father and mother. As a father / mother they do many mistakes. Some common mistakes are:.... Read more

Current Political Situation of Nepal

If we summarized 2nd constitute assembly then the two leading political parties of Nepal are Nepali Congress and UML (Unified Marxist Leninist), and their political views are totally different to each other. And if they failed to make a medium to face this challenge then we can’t imagine the future of the Nepal. .... Read more

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