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Gagan asks donors to make national policy framework to support qualification that the government dared to be?

Gagan Kumar Thapa member consultation and cooperation of international donors and donor organizations , we enable you to make a downpour of national policies , saying ye devoted attention of the government has made . Pointing to the need for all sectors of the national policy -making in the name of the international donor Thapa, but such national policies and government agencies to work hsueh banaunetarpha different in question did not he ..... Read more

The Ministry of NMDA should answer the question: Gagan Thapa

None parliament during the ministry was founded to focus and who had also read about the current questions , no hearing had not referring to parliament on Monday , Thapa who have demanded ..... Read more

Review about Agriculture Program in Nepal of Gagan Thapa

At times, in different place when the political program of agriculture and livestock sector and who have many young friends, peers and willing to conduct such business . The last time the agricultural sector grew to youthful charm . However, this pleasant aspect to ensure the correct information and information businesses contexts exemplary business start with huge enthusiasm the young friends Leukaemia seen even a short time is depressed ..... Read more

Gagan Thapa Committee meeting and different opnion

Nepali Congress Central Working Committee meetings was held yesterday . The meeting led by a party that formed the government in consensus building to the maximum logical dialogue and understanding among the important decision to take extra ability, which is different sancaramadhyamavata the public already . Related Photos Unit- I put the case in other matters still need to be discussed wide range explain that. .... Read more

Goju Kai Team Bid Farewell

The Nepalese Goju Kai karate team, who is due to take part in 6th World Goju Kai Karate Competition which is to be hosted in Mumbai, India, was bid farewell on Saturday by the newly appointed Constituent Assembly member Gagan Thapa and local senior citizen Hari Krishna Shahi in a farewell programme organized in Mitrapark, Kathmandu..... Read more

7 Reasons for Depression

Depression is a state of illness or a state of low mood which affects your behaviors, thoughts or actions negatively. It is actually a psychological illness. An unusual feeling of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, helplessness, guilt or worry can be the signs of depression. You may even lose interests on the activities that you might have enjoyed to do in the past. .... Read more

Diet Review: The Caveman Diet

The "Caveman Diet" (also known as the Paleo diet) is based on the idea that our bodies are better adapted to what our human ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era, i.e. the caveman era. The paleo diet is commonly referred to as the caveman diet due to the fact that while on the paleo diet, you’ll eat the same foods that caveman ate..... Read more

14 Tips for Talking to Men and Attracting Them Like Crazy

There is no foolproof way to get every man to fall madly in love with you. However, many men have the same needs when it comes to looking for the right woman, so there are countless tricks for catching the eye of almost any man. Many women make the mistake of thinking that if a guy finds them attractive, they are on the path to a relationship. No, men don’t dream you as his partner for life before he gets inside you and understands you. .... Read more

Do you Think he’s Cheating When he Really isn’t?

Do you really know what is cheating? Every person has their own value and thoughts about cheating in a relationship. The major misconception that when you’re in a relationship and you find your partner talking or laughing with some other person of your sex and you think they’re cheating; you’ve got to grow up..... Read more

Women’s Bodies: What Men Really Think

Most women think that they don’t have a body that men want. They are always thinking about losing weight. They think that men love skinny girls. The women who have low self esteem about their body should read this article so that they know that they’re beautiful..... Read more

5 Unique Veggies That Fight Abdominal Fat

Body fat is a problem for the new fashionista generation. Everybody wants to look fit. But due to unhealthy eating habits and the increasing use of junk food, people are suffering from various heart diseases, cellulite accumulation and other fatal cardiac diseases. Removing excess body fat is necessary to prevent yourself from those heart-related diseases such as High Blood Pressure, increased cholesterol level and other deformities and diseases. It will also make you look bumpy. Staying healthy and fit and fine is very much necessary..... Read more

How to Attract a Man in Public

Whenever you may find a guy interesting and you want to get his attention, you may be successful because generally guys approach first if they find the girl attractive. But if you really want to attract him in the public, you have to take care of some small details. Some guys are tough and might not notice you for an instant. Applying following tips, you can get his attention in the public and he might get attracted towards you..... Read more

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