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Julie Gonzalo Boyfriend, Married and Net worth

Julie Gonzalo is an actress of Argentine-American nationality who has been acting since she was 8 years of age. Julie Gonzalo net worth is staggering 8 million dollars. This hot beauty was born on the 9th of September, 1981 and has been known for being the star of the TNT drama Dallas on which she portrayed the role of Pamela Rebecca. This versatile beauty has also been known for her film roles in the movies like Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story, and Christmas with the Kranks etc. Born in Argentina and raised in the USA, this beauty has managed to garner the attention of a huge number of fans around the world due to her acting skills and beauty..... Read more

Ana Brenda

Ana Brenda Contreras is a singer and actress of Mexican nationality, who has been known for being the part of the reality show Pop stars.The pretty beauty has managed to garner the Ana Brenda net worth of a whopping 10 million dollars. She also gets paid through several advertisements, features, endorsements and sponsorship which have all been made possible through the status she has made for herself in the fraternity. Since she has several upcoming movies waiting to be released, her net worth is sure to increase in future..... Read more

Luann de

An American model, singer, author and television personality Luann De Lesseps is finally engaged with Thomas D'Agostino Jr. The couple was dating each other around seven years ago but their love relationship was not revealed in the media. They first met at The Mark Restaurant but both of them had an affair with other people. They started getting close after around one month from their first visit and now they are secure and connected with one another..... Read more


The date of birth of Kanye West (full name: Kanye Omari West) is on 8th June 1977 which makes his age as 38 years. His birth town is in Atlanta, Georgia of USA. Kanye West house is currently in Hidden Hills, California, US. By occupation Kanye is a Hip Hop rapper, former singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer..... Read more

Why Parliament not provide Speaking Time

Parliament on Tuesday about the worth of heated rear seats remained in the Palm member Gagan Thapa also stood hand raised , asking for Hanoi . However , Thapa Fed promises speaking time . Gagan-thapa.... Read more

Twenty- 20 World Cup Cricket Nepal has own the first match

Twenty- 20 World Cup Cricket Nepal has own the first match. Significant Chowdhury Stadium on Sunday in a game the cricket field, rivals are stranded in 80 runs in a lopsided victory of Nepal . One hundred and 50 runs victory target of 17 overs and 69 runs in the strangest of the infection are to follow Nepal tents World Cup has become a lopsided victory ..... Read more

Gagan Thapa said, on the basis of any party not pass unturned powerful

Nepali Congress affiliated Nepal Student Union , some leaders of fraternal organizations and military were arrested subject theoretical and practical aspects of public memorandum also raised some serious questions are . The first thing related to legal sasanasamga . Nepali Congress believe the bird . In its manifesto , including ' rule of substantial theoretical and practical framework for governance.... Read more

Gagan asks donors to make national policy framework to support qualification that the government dared to be?

Gagan Kumar Thapa member consultation and cooperation of international donors and donor organizations , we enable you to make a downpour of national policies , saying ye devoted attention of the government has made . Pointing to the need for all sectors of the national policy -making in the name of the international donor Thapa, but such national policies and government agencies to work hsueh banaunetarpha different in question did not he ..... Read more

The Ministry of NMDA should answer the question: Gagan Thapa

None parliament during the ministry was founded to focus and who had also read about the current questions , no hearing had not referring to parliament on Monday , Thapa who have demanded ..... Read more

Review about Agriculture Program in Nepal of Gagan Thapa

At times, in different place when the political program of agriculture and livestock sector and who have many young friends, peers and willing to conduct such business . The last time the agricultural sector grew to youthful charm . However, this pleasant aspect to ensure the correct information and information businesses contexts exemplary business start with huge enthusiasm the young friends Leukaemia seen even a short time is depressed ..... Read more

Gagan Thapa Committee meeting and different opnion

Nepali Congress Central Working Committee meetings was held yesterday . The meeting led by a party that formed the government in consensus building to the maximum logical dialogue and understanding among the important decision to take extra ability, which is different sancaramadhyamavata the public already . Related Photos Unit- I put the case in other matters still need to be discussed wide range explain that. .... Read more

Goju Kai Team Bid Farewell

The Nepalese Goju Kai karate team, who is due to take part in 6th World Goju Kai Karate Competition which is to be hosted in Mumbai, India, was bid farewell on Saturday by the newly appointed Constituent Assembly member Gagan Thapa and local senior citizen Hari Krishna Shahi in a farewell programme organized in Mitrapark, Kathmandu..... Read more

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