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Twenty- 20 World Cup Cricket Nepal has own the first match

Twenty- 20 World Cup Cricket Nepal has own the first match. Significant Chowdhury Stadium on Sunday in a game the cricket field, rivals are stranded in 80 runs in a lopsided victory of Nepal . One hundred and 50 runs victory target of 17 overs and 69 runs in the strangest of the infection are to follow Nepal tents World Cup has become a lopsided victory .

Usain megapixel Nepal votes for power and political leaders spring three - three wickets for the revolution in sexual and chief Jitendra a - for a wicket .

Earlier, before the toss invite to Nepal over playing full inning 1 hundred 49 runs was 8 . Nepal captain Gyanendra Malla contributed most 50 balls with 42 fours and a six in the players, 4 are half- full did.

Similarly , Captain Paras Khadka 39 runs. Khadka 36 balls with 4 goggling trusts are 39 runs respectively . Similarly, a mockery of the sheath opnara vyatsa 22 , Sadar bhesvakara 14 , 13 , and Vinod bhandarile a sea again runs were given .

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