5 Steps to Make Him Fall in Love

There is a conception that men are tough. But that doesn't mean that it is impossible to make them fall in love. By paying attention to some small details, you can make him fall in love for you. But remember one thing, don't make him fall if you are not willing to catch him and be with him for the rest of your life. Men have emotions too, that too very strong at times. Try to make him feel his inner self and he'll fall for you. Try these ideas and you are more steps closer to success.


Men go crazy for a girl's smile. Smile a lot while you're around him and laugh at his jokes. Men like happy faces. They get impressed by a cheerful and happy face. Besides, smile is the best ornament that a woman can wear.

Create a perfect timing

He may not be ready to fall in love yet. Wait for the perfect moment to happen, or else create an awesome moment in his life, which may include a birthday party for him or visit him when he needs somebody.

Keep in touch

Text him, call him, be in touch with him. Spend time with him whenever you can. Give him a reason to remember you every moment.

Be unique

Be not only interested, but also interesting. Have your own ideas in the mind to share and you will feed your brain too if you have some useful discussion with him. Listen to him, and also give him something to listen to from you.

Expose the real you

Don't hide your inner instincts if you are interested in him, because eventually he will find out everything. Expose the inner side of yourself. If he loves you for it, you two will be a perfect couple. If he doesn't, don't try too much on him because you might not want to lose yourself in the process of gaining somebody.

If he is even a bit interested to you, the above factors will provide him a little hint of affection. He may even approach you himself. And sometimes you girls should also try approaching guys, not just thinking that guys are the ones that should act first.

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