Kate Bolduan | Biography

Kate Bolduan, who made the history by becoming the youngest news anchor on a major network at 29 years of age, was born on 1983. She is a third child of Dr. Jeffrey & Nadine Bolduan, both of them was medical professionals.

She hails from Geshen, Indiana. Her childhood was more like a fairytale as her parents were highly educated and understood each and every activities of Kate, as medical professionals. She used to given good guidelines for her study and career. As a source of recreation, her parents used to go for hunting and fishing together.

Kate Bolduan, aged 29-30 is a program presenter who graduated from Phi Beta Kappa from the George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She was included in the women’s volleyball team of the university. She too was a talented stage actress at that particular time.

Sorry boys, but she is already taken. She is married to carlyle group Michael David Gershenson & both are based in Washington D.C. She converted to Judaism prior to her marriage & joined Washington, Hebrew congregation sometimes in November 2009. She made a formal announcement with her husband that she doesn’t drinks. They’re enjoying the conjugal bliss of their married life.

Talking about her views towards her parents she maintains her status “My parents made me the person, I am, my life, my ambitions. My drive comes from my parents. I’ve got my own decisions, mistakes, spiritual environments”.  She is very grateful to her parents.

She is interested in electronic media. She plans to apply to Georgetown Washington University, Georgetown Duke and North Carolina.

Apart from CNN she has worked at house & Gulden Magazine, Dateline NBC, NBC nightly news, NBC News and NSNBS from April 2006 through August 2007, Bolduan worked at WTDV-TV in Raleigh NC, where she served as a reporter with an emphasis on breaking news & line coverage comes out to be a tough task as you’ve to go off the Cuff every time.

She is co-host of CNN’s morning show ‘New Day’ with Chris Cuomo and Michael Pereira Previcusty, her co-anchored ‘The Situation Room’ with wolf Blitzer and Contributed to America’s choice 2012. She also served as CNN’s congressional correspondents, covering the activities of the U.S. House and Senate. As the members of Capitol Hill Unit, Bolduan reported on the legislative style and congressional events including the negotiations to increase the federal debt limit and the super committee deliberations.

Previously, in her role as a general assignment correspondent, Bolduan covered a wide range of stories including the 2009 Christmas Day bombing attempt, gun rights, in McDonald V. Buoho. She also provides the coverage of the rollout of the government’s stimulus plan in 2009.

She joined CNN in 2007 as a national correspondent for CNN news source, providing breaking news coverage and feature reports more than 800 CNN news source affiliates.

During her time with news source, Bolduan covered the 2008 presidential election and traveled through the United State covering the national headlines including the Minneapolis bridge collapse, O.J Simpson armed robbery case and lunches and landings of the retiring NASA space shuttle field.

When she was announced as co-host of morning show ‘New Day’ many criticism followed through her saying it was publicity stunt of CNN. When she was approached by the media asking does she ever success for many girls and aspirants. She’s the one with beauty and brains. We wish her the best in the following years to come.

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