How to know if someone really loves you

In this big world, everyone needs a reliable partner. Whom they can trust .whom they can share their sad moment, happiness, feelings etc. And this is not an easy task to find such a reliable partner. Everybody wants such a partner but the main problem is how do you know that he/she is perfect for you? That person really loves you? Etc. . . . Many people have this problem so ‘m trying to help you to find a good partner who really loves you. If you'd like to know if the person you love really loves you, then you have to pay attention to how the person acts, what he says, and what he does when you're together. 

1.      You should make eye contact with that person

If he/she refusing to let go of your eyes, then definitely he/ she really feels the way you fell. And if she/ he not look at you then definitely there is some problem.

2.      Smile and notice their reaction

If that person really loves you then him/her smiles back to you and if they don’t then you should think about that person.

3.       You should test the person whom you are going to love.

A good test is to just not talk to them or text them for a few days and see if they notice then go out with them. The effective ways of testing is jealousy. Mention another guys name and talk about him in front of that person and notice how that person reacts? If he/ she disagree with you then surely that person is jealous. And surely he /she have strong feelings towards you.

4.      Ask his/her friends about his feelings and behaviour because they know about his/her bad and good habit.

5.       If you have done something bad and those persons forgive you then be sure he/ she have something to you.

6.       If that person respects your feelings and supports you in your every step of life then surely he have feelings toward you.

7.      When you are in doubt then ask. Don’t create any confusion from your side and just remember one thing the person who really loves you accepts you for what you are.

8.      Go out with friends including him and if he look at you all the time and wants to talk with you then surely he loves you.

9.      After accepting you by that person, Keep in touch with him/ her and notice his/her behaviour. How that person react with you. And if his/ her behaviour towards you is changed then think again about your relationship.


       I hope all those things make you to choose a right one for your life. 

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