How To Get Your Ex back (Boyfriend or Girlfriend)

To be with the right person is probably what everybody wants. Every human being fantasizes to have love of their live attractive, helpful and trustful. But relationships sometimes become miserable and means of dissatisfaction and do not survive for long. And in some point of our life we are unable to understand and take control over our relationship and we reluctantly change our partners to our Ex partners.

Not every person wants to move along with another new partner after the previous disastrous relation. We know our Ex better and we even realize how they used to take care of us. So the answers to the solution and techniques for getting your ex back obviously cross our mind.

Being passionate and having confidence is the most essential which you must possess inside you. It doesn't mean that you need high level of confidence enough to delicate the speech in parliament. At least you should be able to communicate with your people properly and have a good body language.

So here are some techniques and process which will definitely help to get your Ex back within a month.  It is for both boys and girls.



1) Figure out how your relationship ended?

You must know what the real reason was for your unsuccessful previous relation. The real reason may not be the fight before you’re breaking up with your partner. It may also be the reason that you are unknowingly trying to control the life of your partner. These facts are not expressed but causes trouble in relationships.

2) Good Body Language

You can take a great advantage of your body language. Your good posture shows your confidence. It’s simply easy. Just stand straight and your confidence is reflected to other people automatically. So, when you find yourself around your Ex use your god gifted body language but remember it should be natural. Do not show fake high level of confidence which make your Ex to think you are some kind of pretentious and acting superior to them and it also shows lack of care.

3) Be Social

People who are social are always attractive. When you know more people of your society you are popular among them and also show a good behavior. Don't forget to put a smile on your face while talking to them and always have a good conversation. Try to be associated with the most appreciated person and be appreciated. Remember that being social means not jerking around with your friends and gathering on streets. If you do so you will be considered among hooligans.

4) Show Signs That You Still Like Her

When you are around your Ex partner don't show the behavior like turning around, facing opposite direction, ignoring and facing down. In fact give a smile and ask him/her about their new schedule. If you can keep up conversation for longer it’s better. This will make your Ex think about you when he/she gets home. In conversation let your Ex know you miss those days when together.

5) If You Are Independent

If you are independent; you are attractive. This one goes for both sexes. It is a human behavior that we like people who are strong, independent, powerful and successful. If you are independent there is possibly a greater chance to win the love of your ex back. So try to be independent.

6) Text Her But Not Test Her

You are allowed to text your Ex but not to them whether they like you or not. Text your ex with simple questions like how was there day or what’s their todays plan so they can text back. This increase the bond between you and your ex. Don't text like do you still love me? or crazy for you or some creepy lines by which you are going to get bitter reply.

7) Really Love Her

The most important thing is that do not apply these techniques just to get her back. You must really want to be with them or this technique seems not to work and you too may see fake. If you really have feeling for your ex then they can feel it too when they are around.

Mostly boys can’t fake feelings because girls are able to read body language more accurately than boys. Having real feelings for your ex can definitely help you.

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