Fact and Need of Gagan Thapa for Nation

The recent political scenario of Nepal is changed from previous scenario, which is known as the previous biggest party of Nepal is UCPN. But from the recent election, the biggest party of Nepal is Nepali Congress based on direct election.

Among the winner of new constitution assembly 2013, the young political leader Gagan Thapa won, who defected to the CPN.

The following points, that the Gagan Thapa need for the nation:

1)      He is the famous and trusted name of young political leader from Nepali Congress own in the polls with a huge margin.

2)      To make a communication between the looser parties, he can lead as a leader and mediator.

3)      To write and publish the perfect constitution for the nation.

4)      Perfect vision to lead and develop the country with a power of seeking tracks.

5)      New generation wants to see him as the leader of Nepal as a minister, prime minster or a national political leader.

6)      Powerful speaker, can lead to permutation of political parties.

7)      To be a develop country, a good vision and a good leader is indeed, so he deserving these qualities.  

8)      To generate a huge amount of electricity power by developing hydro power.

9)      To make a smooth foreign relationship with a good trust level.

10)   To make a corruption free country and perfect the governmental system in every system.

The facts of Gagan Thapa : 



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