Gagan Thapa Committee meeting and different opnion

Nepali Congress Central Working Committee meetings was held yesterday . The meeting led by a party that formed the government in consensus building to the maximum logical dialogue and understanding among the important decision to take extra ability, which is different sancaramadhyamavata the public already . Related Photos Unit- I put the case in other matters still need to be discussed wide range explain that.

1 . CA -half months , the second election in the chariot . Living up to our commitments and just as the former is what we do in the constitution drafting process and the basis garisaknuparthyo proactive. If a similar situation to be a clan, inflation and governance is the basis for that belief , respectively, lose the same time enables us to receive Mrike addressed and challenged , and also prone to complications salad. Some reasons for this situation is not likely to McDonalds certainly Forest :
The first thing after the election , and the process of parnaiparthyo parinamavata toll seeks equilibrium impulse prerogative was our primary instate . Whose reason is some delay became a regular process . Here, the process involved in the CA Budget Umesh democratic forces that are pleasant to the party . Entertains and it is seen that the system has created considerations election laws and also has taught us some lessons jasavare intense debate and discussion during the constitution the next day should .

Some of the provisions of the interim constitution is the second reason stems from the complexity and ultimately the people who took our time is important . It mixes with the government regarding the constitution of making unnecessary complexity that is causing a new interim constitution drafting ego , we should be .

The third thing is our karyasailisanga connected . Sanvidhanasabhapascata party was the first act, as the second election after any change could be our woodcarvings . We harness the importance of time and proactive. Process and patterns affect the outcome , we accept the fact that I can not do MBA now constitute the Constituent Assembly , which are seeking ways to resolve the rejection of consensus vaithakaharuvata is no anything . Dialogue should be , but the solution will constitute war and khojinupardacha theyà .

2 . Sanvidhanasabhavata a year we have a new constitution to resolve you . Yet how different our perception of isolation that comes to the ring . The need for the CA to take the consensus . This topic is connected its niyamavalisanga . Therefore, the draft constitution interrelated regulations within 15 days of the rules and other legal issues constructed sanvidhanasabhavata tungaune press conferences immediate constituent required to work should a committee . Known to be the provisions of the interim constitution would rectify the committee and sent to study and suggest must take responsibility .

3 . It is also the CA and the parliament also . Regardless of whether we , the government, the constitution of the donor countries to build things that our long experience in the past month alone, no past 2 is proved that our interests . So one person to bear the responsibility of the CA Chairman and join us to more shutdown is clear . So, a person double role watts free press and Fed Chairman responsibility CA debate different person . Constitution for its revision is necessary . Our commitment to the formation of the Constitution of sanvidhanasabhavata ekabarsabhitra a sub hamper the necessary constitutional rights, tenure arrangements us.

Laugh our main assignment is to the Constitution . The main aspect of the two Forest . The Constitution should be the first and the second aspect of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic ganatantratatmaka Following the Constitution we should continue . Vigorously without agreement concerning these 2 assignments by the Nepali Congress constitution must be illiterate . 2 Hide vataharu by our constitution for the moment . The first and second audits CA regular process audits understanding . Security through the process of drafting the final go -thirds of our options , but always open. Otherwise, the maximum effort , but an understanding of the constitution rahunaparcha . Of the construction of the decision for the Vela has been an adventure . The following three conditions, Chairman of UCPN- Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal vanaaum bound constituent that is my proposal .

A . Federal Democratic Republic of
B . One year Constitution
C . CA President and Cabinet separate injunction press law and press the president to stay for one year term for implementation removable legitimize themselves in order for my Implicitly this proposal and it may be distasteful . It will also assess the expectations of some complexity can be done anything into . But with this proposal plus the following things that my request is herinupardacha .
1 . The government and the opposition parties anyone so. Therefore the proposal is mutually grow Constitution revolt .
2 . UNSC Constitution tells them to stop the procedure . No problem for the journey to come UML solution is to open audits . Test will be reported to the Maoist .
3 . If any abuse if an alternative to fuel -president and general Dharmendrji avoidable if the constitution making disruption when that option is always open for our escape.
4 . Federal Democratic Republic of understanding for the construction of the Constituent Assembly , accusing the failure to process and release the final two tihaivata Constitution options so we have always protected the same.
We vujhnupardacha , our political success is the Constitution of the Federal Democratic ekavarsabhitra . GBV coordination and understanding to bring to Congress the responsibility of Origin . The Nepali Congress is more comfortable for the construction of the Constitution provides pahalakadamile My belief is that .
5 . It is not only the constitution of the nation building campaign also is technical work . Kimchhi also identify and recognize the election in favor of the second , anti- status quo , and wished that the efforts of violence in the name of society , too. Who produces the Constitution so long as the complexity of the construction work even be the most lethal . It is a regressive society 's rule must also add that . Otherwise, the strength of the Maoist society will sowing hatred viule sewage . On the other hand the power and groups who disagree with the CA process is organized udayaka Forest . Nepali Congress CA Jotare such conflict, power , social movements , and quite negative dialogue process should start . It is the duty of Congress persuaded huge party . Such dialogues so prevents the regressive characteristic of some things we can not even get the opportunity to learn some things .

Note: Transalated from google.

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