Gagan Kumar Thapa won and appeals to join Constitution Assembly for UCPN

Recently Gagan Kumar Thapa won the election of Constitution Assembly from group -4 of Kathamdnu District. The announcement is made in the morning of 22nd November of 2013. At the time he spoke as a winner person to all the people and other parties who lose the election and appeals to join constitution assembly. The video from Kantipur television below:

He said “the capacity as a young leader of Nepali Congress would like to appeal to my people to make the nation as a successful country”. The entire generation that the time has come to exercise our capacity to make a positive difference in the national life in Nepal.

Democracy and the individual freedoms are not only the part of community. It assigns part of the every part of the nation.  The 21st century is growing up rapidly day by day so we should be able to inalienable rights of a nation and its communities and individuals. 

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