Gagan asks donors to make national policy framework to support qualification that the government dared to be?

Gagan Kumar Thapa member consultation and cooperation of international donors and donor organizations , we enable you to make a downpour of national policies , saying ye devoted attention of the government has made . Pointing to the need for all sectors of the national policy -making in the name of the international donor Thapa, but such national policies and government agencies to work hsueh banaunetarpha different in question did not he .

Rukmini Chaudhary member makes the Nepal Health Service Fourth Amendment Ordinance 2069 to disallow neighbor information above discussion of international donors and agencies participating Undaunted member Thapa different in our national policy can not make sakchauki saying question . Foreign consultants and donor agencies support the national policy to be climbed , and our own sense of unseen said . We make our own national government policy consultant qualification Disks that he dared to urge sashes . He also donor countries to make every area of national policy making body of counsel against the trend unabated.

Thapa as the health sector in all member national policy to make all sides of us , including his face. Opportunity for the health sector in the overall restructuring of the government , saying he urged the government to move its . We want to go far into health sector are there all together to make national policy are mentioned about them overall national policy and said retail .

Note : Transalte from Google Transalator 

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