Father Of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg;10 Surprising Facts

People all over the world are using Facebook as their primary means of communication in social media. More than half of these users are also aware of the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is the “Father of Facebook”. However, very few might actually be aware of the 10 surprising and incredible facts about this personality.

Why is Facebook blue?

We have all went on to love the design of Facebook and its unique blue color. But do you know the reason behind its color? Apparently, according to a 2010 profile, Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind. Mark has also gone on to state in an interview that blue is the richest color for him and he can see all of blue clearly

He was raised by a psychiatrist and dentist

Mark Zuckerberg was born in New York. His father is a dentist while his mother is a psychiatrist. He was raised along with three sisters Randi, Dona and Arielle by his dentist father and psychiatrist mother.

He has unique interests, he tried to spend a year eating meat that he killed himself

Mark Zuckerberg is said to hold annual challenges for himself that he wishes to fulfill. He was determined on becoming a vegetarian on 2011 and also vowed to eat the only meat that he killed himself. The idea behind this was to feel lucky for having a great life and to practice thankful needs. He wants to feel connected to the food he eats and to the animals that give their life for his food.

He is not interested in money

At many times, Mark Zuckerberg has gone on to state that money is not his main concern. He believes that connecting the world is his main goal and that is what he wants to achieve in the long run. This is a well-known fact among users of Facebook that he has never been interested in money and he continues to surprise his followers with the same statement again and again. All of his interviews and goal statements have reverberated the fact and he certainly is doing a pretty good job of connecting the world and making the world a smaller unit.

Yet another of his interests; wearing a tied every day for a year

Another one of his annual challenges was wearing a tie for every day of a year. He normally dons a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers and is good to go on interviews and formal occasions. However, he decided to wear a tie for a whole year on the year 2009. He did so after the recession on 2008, to indicate that the year was a crucial one for everyone at Facebook too. His tie was a symbol of seriousness and the need to overcome obstacles, and that he surely did with Facebook, bringing it to greater heights.

He built a program for his dad

He once built a program called ZuckNet just for his family. He created the program for his dad Edward, who needed a quick messaging system to be used in his dental office. The program connected the family home with the office and was an early version of Instant Messenger that the receptionist of Edward’s office used to ping Edward.

 He met his wife when in a queue to the bathroom

Everyone knows that the beautiful Priscilla Chan is the wife of Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, they met during their sophomore year at a party they both attended. They soon began dating on and off. She was one of the first people to join Facebook when it was released on 2004 and the couple moved in together on 2010. After Chan finished medical school, the couple got married on 2012.

He approved on Andy Samberg’s impression of him on SNL

Mark Zuckerberg is a gentle, as well as a not-so-gentle personality in the media. He liked the treatment of him on Saturday Night Live when Andy Samberg played his character. He is a fan of Andy Samberg and he apparently liked how she played his character in a funny way.

He has several battled with the law

Becoming a billionaire by the age of 23 is a big deal. Needless to state, he has been on problems with the law ever since. He has been accused of intellectual theft, failure to uphold a contract and blasphemy. He has had a long-running battle with twins Tyler and Cameron who claimed that their idea of Facebook had been stolen by Mark Zuckerberg. They ultimately settlement for an agreement of 65 million on 2009. The pair again claimed that Mark hid information pertinent to the trial, on the year 2011. However, the case went sour and was closed soon.

He designed his wife’s wedding ring

Mark Zuckerberg is deeply in love with his wife and this is evident in all he does. He designed Priscilla Chan’s wedding ring which has a ruby flanked on wide side by diamonds. The gem’s size has been ridiculed for not being the size that one would expect of a billionaire. However, it is the love between them that counts more.


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