Employment Plan by Gagan Thapa

Most of the Nepalese Youngers are suffering from unemployment.  There is the highest rate of inflation from several years. In that situation, we must have reduced the unemployment rate, inside the country. There are so many options to reduce that rate. First think we can’t avoid that the fact of Nepal is a landlocked country and most of the people are depending on agriculture. The country is running under this low productive rate in every sector.

He think that every political leader asks to appoint in any company as an employer, but he wants to change the system from him, creation of self-employment system in Nepal.  The new generation is compiled to immigrant in foreign country due to the lack of system and unemployment. The important thinks that new generation are request to adopt our agriculture programs running in the different regions.

Gagan Thapa the current member of CA has a plan to reduce the unemployment. Some of the points are given below:

  1. The youth of nation are unified and lead them to follow the self-employment plan organized by him.
  2. He request and lead to provide the loan from government and take the responsibility the product produce by their.
  3. We have to improve our productivity from agriculture projects because Nepal is almost depend on it. So, he is leading the agriculture projects in different places like; starting goat farm in Nuwakot with two friends.
  4. He promotes the modern agriculture programs to enhance the self-employment plan in different sector.
  5.  Most of the youth are escape from Nepali agriculture programs from village to foreign, he focus on this to reduce, we should have organize the system.

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