Do you Think he’s Cheating When he Really isn’t?

Do you really know what is cheating? Every person has their own value and thoughts about cheating in a relationship. The major misconception that when you’re in a relationship and you find your partner talking or laughing with some other person of your sex and you think they’re cheating; you’ve got to grow up. Just talking and enjoying someone’s company should not be mistaken as cheating. It’s your relationship and your partner, of course; but you should think before you act, think before you blame him for cheating. Be aware of his activities but don’t be too suspicious.

What is cheating?

Cheating in a relationship is having sexual or emotional desire towards some other person than your partner. It includes having sex or some intimate moments with others, or having post-marital relationship. When people are in a committed relationship, the definition of cheating is based on both parties' opinions, and both parties may redefine their understanding to match the party at an either lower or higher extreme of this definition. On top of that, cultural values also define cheating and it differs from place to place. For example, in a Muslim community showing your legs is cheating but in modern societies, it is not a big deal.

Clear your head up talk

You may think that he’s not giving you much time nowadays so he must be cheating on you. You start judging him and feel insecure or may get depressed. But you must talk to him about the thing before you blame on him. May be his boss has assigned him overtime. May be due to work stress he goes to some place and relaxes for some time, alone. Only some men have a mentality of cheating, but most of them are faithful towards their spouse or partner. Talk to him and clear things up. Don’t blame him just because he does not give you more time. Yes it is obvious that you like to spend more time with him, but he must have been busy in something that he is doing for you and the family. Confirm about what he was doing. Ask for an explanation. You women are the best lie detectors so the rest is up to you.

Similarly if his phone is busy or not reachable, don’t panic. He might be busy with relatives, colleagues or his boss. Just ask him later what the reason was for the inconvenience in reaching him. If he has nothing to hide from you, he will surely answer without any hesitation. If he seems to hide something from you, talk and sort it out.

Even if you have any suspicions, try investigating before blaming him. The idea here is: Catch him red-handed. If he is really cheating, you will find out; if he’s not, your head is cleared up. But the core thing I like you to think is that you should talk. Whatever that is that bothers you, explain it to him clearly and ask for his explanations if you need any. Talking and sorting things out is very helpful in maintaining a healthy relationship rather than reacting on suspicions and insecurities that you fill inside your mind.

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