The Challenge of diversity

The US is continuing the process of becoming a multiethnic society. So, in the country (district) of San Francisco alone, the school children speak more than US languages in addition to English. The US of future will be even more ethnically and culturally diverse then todays. There will be more Asians and Spanish. Public opinion in the US is divided on the issue of multiculturalism. Some people support it as it will make the nation stronger and others argue that it will destroy the nation like the former Yugoslavia. The article has identified the specific issues to be discussed.

Immigration policy is the most important determine of ethnic and cultural diversity in the US. Between 1921 and 1965 the US policy kept the number of immigration law and was biased in favor of European immigrants. In the 1960s the racial minorities in the US suffered discrimination which led congress (Parliament) to reconsider the racially immigration laws.

In 1965, significant changes were made to the law that favored Europeans, accepting non-Europeans and preferring the recent immigrants close relatives to reunify the family. This law gave rise to the number of immigrants and changed its ethnic character till 2000, then Asian and Latin Americans.

In the history, many new groups at immigrants have been met with hostility due to fear. It is a common belief that immigrants damage the US economy due to their readiness to work at law wages, and the employers also keep the cheap manpower at work.

Next, they take more from the state than they contribute to it. A research shows that the immigrants want to be away from the US society and this also hurt the economy.

We can guess that today’s immigrants will help their ethnic neighborhoods as it was in the past. Research on language shift shows that the first generation immigrant may continue to use their native language but their children or grandchildren will be native speakers of the US. If people ignore the truth that following and language shift take time, they may wrong conclude that today’s immigrants will not become the part of American society. There is already a proof that the present immigrants as earlier Europeans are following the US social values and assumptions.

There are few unanswered problems of immigration. They are:

  1. Threat to cause bitterness and anger among poor unemployed American it nothing is done for them but a number of immigrants are given jobs.
  2. Which of immigrants in a limited areas create economic problems in there societies.
  3. Due to the illegal immigrants the policy has been strict.
  4. Problems between immigrants and Americans due to hostility and anger.

To solve those problems, there steps should be taken:

  1. Education and trainings to the lower class. So that they become uneconomically.
  2. Federal government should give enough financial support to the regions where immigrants paper to settle.
  3. Increasing border security and controlling the companies that give jobs to be illegal immigrants.

These solutions will give cultural understanding and tolerance enough time to grow and will help create a more integrated society.

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