How to Attract a Man in Public

Whenever you may find a guy interesting and you want to get his attention, you may be successful because generally guys approach first if they find the girl attractive. But if you really want to attract him in the public, you have to take care of some small details. Some guys are tough and might not notice you for an instant. Applying following tips, you can get his attention in the public and he might get attracted towards you.

1. Look attractive:

To attract a man, you should give him a reason. For that, take good care of the fact that you should look attractive. Focus on your wardrobe and your makeup, but be sure to avoid excessive makeup or excess body exposure, because men want you to look natural. Maintain your natural beauty along with your makeup.

2. Look him in the eye:

Make eye contact with him whenever you get a chance. It will make him feel that you’re interested in him. Don’t stare but just give him a glance in the eye when he’s looking towards you. When his eye wanders, look him directly in his eye. Eyes communicate a lot faster than you think.

3. Maintain your attitude:

Don’t be too gentle. Don’t be too proud. You can maintain the balance with a smile and your personality. Keep your body language perfect by maintaining your body posture. Don’t be arrogant. Act cool. Play with children. He’ll surely be attracted to you. He will be impressed if he gets to see that you have a pure heart.

4. Smell good:

Focus on leaving a nice fragrance in the air. Use deodorants or perfumes that give a smell which attracts men’s attention. Men love good smell. When you pass by and he notices your fragrance, he might want to follow you for more of it.

5. Start a conversation:

If you are confident and bold enough, start a conversation with him. Men always co-operate when some girl comes to talk to them. Some men may be too shy or afraid to start a conversation, so you too can break the ice by starting a conversation and keeping it light.

6. Laugh:

After you start the conversation, be cheerful throughout your talk. Laugh and smile and talk merrily. Talk about random things and never miss a chance to make him laugh. He should have the perception that you are an interesting person.


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