The Ministry of NMDA should answer the question: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Thapa spoke about during the parliamentary hearings, none related to the ministry should have demanded answers .

None parliament during the ministry was founded to focus and who had also read about the current questions , no hearing had not referring to parliament on Monday , Thapa who have demanded .

Regarding the question being raised in the hearings related to the Ministry of the question of mandatory information and ranchers have demanded a provision to extend the assembly Thapa .

Congress youth leader Thapa parliament parliamentarian draft at meetings of using current technology to extend the provision basnuagavai all ranchers have demanded . Thapa ' technology ' means forgetting the draft at ranchers are urged .

Vibaha 11 o'clock on Monday started the meeting of the legislature come in different founded - their district councilor Thapa such problems flourish while Lynn Ministry demanded answers are raised .

The meeting encouraged that efforts should have been urged Nepal to close Sherbrooke .

Jagadish Narsingh KC meeting SLC nervous shedding free country to declare a month on appeal.

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