Review about Agriculture Program in Nepal of Gagan Thapa

At times, in different place when the political program of agriculture and livestock sector and who have many young friends, peers and willing to conduct such business . The last time the agricultural sector grew to youthful charm . However, this pleasant aspect to ensure the correct information and information businesses contexts exemplary business start with huge enthusiasm the young friends Leukaemia seen even a short time is depressed . Sustainable and ensure the correct advice and information for successful business needs to be . From time to time the government and other related agencies as the opportunity to create a fusion of the business compels the young people to be free and can Addie . Related bodies must go poignant note . Answering today February 9 December 2070 saw the first fish festival in Kathmandu has begun . The program on December 11, 2070 by 10 am , will be seen forming a joint 5 pm National . Probity and machajanya pies among other business associates who are young cod this important opportunity to learn and be .

From Facebook (The day of Democracy)

Today, March 7 , i.e. , democracy Day . 2007 was not only the change and environmental collapse traitors , he was brought many prospects and carrying signs . The first step was a powerful modern gay large bipedal 2007 years . After each movement , but we have 2007 year 2007 year change virsene importance of social change is the way the first time shown that the truth, nothing. Freedom , equality and social justice for all the Nepalese society and open atmosphere bamesarne first demonstrations are quite close to 2007 year the movement has worked . He is the social changes that education , basainsaraim Yangtang Exchange rupale new values ??and gave birth . 2007 year, the velocity and speed of such changes Hons politics and arrest were able to manage the same aunakulako seeking an alternative to democracy and democracy is meaningless travel industry is past decade of democracy in Probus these options was a creator of our efforts were focused , today we were the development of the different stages . The society had to be institutional changes were upalabdhiharu .

Past six decades, we have you to rotate the political borne attain all these years, March 7 , 2007 to receive the fruits of the extended form of the VIS . 2062 \ 63 after the Democratic Republic of the gay movement has begun to succeed the 2007 year of the March 7 . It has not changed weak foundation . We have 2007 years of the importance of getting more collateral from March 7 to perceive, if he sins, injustice will clothe . No Peace for us to sing ballads Khimti punched awaited opportunity to build . Let institutional democracy , prosperous Nepal collaboration us. Democracy Culture Festival warm and cheerful

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