12 Puzzling Things Americans Do That Others Do Not Find Rationality behind It

From wearing pajamas to the store and naming people after place, there are a number of reasons that keep people amazed by what the Americans do. They baffle the rest of the world with names, spellings, food, and clothing. Below is the list of 12 puzzling things Americans do that others get stuck finding reason beneath them.

Creating the Confusion Naming Sports

Why is it called football when players don’t even use their feet playing it? While the rest of world calls soccer football, Americans call football soccer and football to the sport slightly different from rugby. Of course, players play the whole game using hand and they use their feet only for running rather than kicking a ball.

Convincing That the Spellings Others Use Are Wrong

While using U.S. English, one has to deal with the red underlines while spelling words like ‘flavour’, ‘specialised’, ‘analyse’, ‘centre’, ‘neighbour’, ‘oestrogen’ and so on. However, this does not mean these spellings are wrong. Actually, it means that the U.S. has the slightly different spelling for these and dozens of other words, which makes Americans insistent about their spellings to these words being the only correct ones.

Using Fancy Name for the Watered Down Coffee

Now, this is one falls under one of the puzzling things Americans do since it actually confuses people with its name. Poor those who do not have prior experience of getting plain espresso in warm water for ordering the fancy named A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-O.

Letting 18 Years and Above Buy Handguns Legally

The people aged 18 and above can buy guns from private sellers legally in many states of the U.S. Now this is not only one of the many puzzling things Americans do, but could also be a serious issue.

Size of Meals at Restaurant

The seven pounds burritos and 12-patty cheeseburger are the only dreams of foodies. This somehow demonstrates that Americans are twice as foodie as the whole world combined. Therefore, the rest of the world finds table size full plate of food as puzzling things Americans do at a restaurant.

All the Currencies Look Same

While other countries have the easier time sorting out their colored currencies, Americans have to deal with same color currencies. It does not only get confusing while paying bills especially for non-American but also makes it difficult to find the one without having to read the digits.

Obsessed With Flags

No other country meets the patriotic level of the USA. Therefore, you see a huge number of flags everywhere in the USA from government buildings to public places and shops and universities and where not.

You Find People Wearing Pajamas in Stores

Who cares when you are in a great country and hold citizenship of a great nation? You can see people wandering, picking things and paying bills wearing pajamas in the stores in the USA. This might be one of the puzzling things Americans do for you, but for them it’s not giving a shit.

3 Liter Wine Bottle

When Americans don’t get enough of day offs this is what they invent to relieve their stress. Drink the stress out! Just kidding! But wait, maybe it is true.

Is It a Person’s Name or Place’s?

What could be more confusing than figuring out if someone’s talking about the person Brooklyn (Decker) or Brooklyn in New York City? Didn’t that perplex you too? Hence, naming the place and people with same names is one of the most puzzling things Americans do.

Bathroom Stall Gap

What would be creepier than knowing someone can peek through big gaps that American bathroom has? The public bathrooms have wide enough gaps to see through which is one of the puzzling things Americans have constructed. Why bother putting door if you can see through the gap in the door anyway?

Ice in Drinks

It does not matter whether it is hot or cold, the restaurants serve ice in drinks, even in water.  Also, put that AC on all the time. This makes one question the America's reason for liking cold.


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