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12 Puzzling Things Americans Do That Others Do Not Find Rationality behind It

From wearing pajamas to the store and naming people after place, there are a number of reasons that keep people amazed by what the Americans do. They baffle the rest of the world with names, spellings, food and clothing. Below is the list of 12 puzzling things Americans do that others get stuck finding reason beneath them.... Read more

Details of 2017’s Most Advanced Fighter Jets

With advancement in technology, there has been rapid improvement in military tools and forces as well. May it be China, Russia, America or any other powerful nation, the advancement in the fighter jets around the world is at a rapid stage. Following are the list of 10 2017’s Most Advanced Fighter Jets:.... Read more

10 Celebrity Travel Destinations To Consider On Your Next Vacation

Our earth is full of many beautiful places; all you need to have is the interest and resources to visit those places. Traveling is a very good escape from the day to day tasks and a get away from regular hustle and bustle of daily lives. Discover the cultural varieties along with natural diversities in this holiday with your loved ones. .... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Eating Refined Sugar

It is never too late to stop the health degrading habits. Refined sugar tastes good as heaven and it is sometimes addictive too. However, refined sugar might leads to gradual health degradation and avoiding sugar is not an easy task, it is literally everywhere from soda to breakfast cereals. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need to stop eating refined sugar ASAP..... Read more

Father Of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg;10 Surprising Facts

People all over the world are using Facebook as their primary means of communication in social media. More than half of these users are also aware of the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is the “Father of Facebook”. However, very few might actually be aware of the 10 surprising and incredible facts about this personality..... Read more


There certainly might be a few million people on earth who have not heard the name of the scandalous and the notoriously direct President of the United States, Donald Trump. Donald Trump controversies and his family life have been the aspects better covered about him, rather than his career and his rise to the top of the power ladder. Donald Trump wife, Donald Trump daughter and his scandalous activities are what have made him more and more famous in the world and are certainly true that he is one of the most interesting Presidents of the United States of America..... Read more

Education, Disability, Career, Achievements, Personal Life, wife, Married & Children

Stephen William Hawking is a name that requires no introduction. He is a living legend, a living source of inspiration, a fighter, and of course not to forget to mention, a famous scientist. ‘Scientist’ is the identity that Hawking always wants to be remembered and addressed with. And Stephen Hawking’s journey of life is a lesson to every individual who wants to move forward and succeed despite any difficulties..... Read more

Charissa Thompson Salary, Net worth, Dating , Married, Height, weight & Body

In the list of successful and beautiful sportscaster, Charissa Thompson holds the utmost space, name and brand. Born on the year 1982, May 4 in Seattle, Washington, U.S. she represent herself as television host, journalist, and sportscaster by her profession. Making her enthusiastic presence in the TV industry, she is best reckon for her service in Fox Sports 1 and NBC. Besides, she is also popular for her involvement as co-hosts on Fox Sports Live and syndicated entertainment news show Extra. Entertaining the media through intellectual personality, Charissa Thompson salary and net worth is beyond imagination. .... Read more

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Chaya Bialik who was born on the date December 12, 1975 in San Diego, California, United States is an American actress by her profession. Coming to the industry from the very young age and from the year 1987, Bialik is best remembered for her roles in The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.Besides, Mayim is also famous for her work in NBC’s Blossom which was aired from 1991 to 1995. Leaving all things behind, she now serve herself as the perfect example of women empowerment. Mayim Bialik biography teaches us to be better and have a dual profession. Similarly, Mayim Bialik net worth is $12 million and she has been receiving huge salary for her work in the series..... Read more

Lena Dunham

Before we talk about Lena Dunham net worth, we must talk about her career. starting her career from the College days, Lena has the record of producing number of short films and has focus on sexual enlightenment. Lena movie’s Pressure and The Fountain gain huge recognition while she was critically acclaimed for producing such a remarkable piece. The big day came in her life when she came up with Tiny Furniture in 2010 where she portrait the character of Aura. The movie was a big hit and was successful to win Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay. With many top hits movies, Lena Dunham net worth is growing smothly..... Read more

Hugh Laurie

Learn all about Hugh Laurie Bio, House, Kids, Wife and Family. Find out how old is Hugh Laurie, his personal life and more....he started his career in acting field from the television series The Cellar Tapes in the year 1981 where he did the role of various characters and also was the writer for the series.... Read more

Mark Harmon

According to Mark Harmon bio, he was born as Thomas Mark Harmon. His family consists of his wife and kids. Mark Harmon house in Los Angeles has seen a happy family throughout the years.He is the younger of his two siblings. Ha nson’s sister Kristin Nelson is a well-known actress and painter. She was married to singer Ricky Nelson. His other sister, Kelly Harmon was married to John DeLorean for a brief time..... Read more

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